To Love Without Condition


It seems so simple to love without condition or expectation, yet why do we make it so complicated? Do we expect others to always behave in a way that pleases us? Are we so insecure in our own self-love that we have no idea what unconditional love looks or feels like? Why is it we believe we must hurt others as a way to feel better about ourselves?

There could be an endless list of questions like these if we had the time to list them all. When it comes down to it, it’s all about our responsibility to act in a loving way. We cannot control the behavior of others, although we may try. All we can really do is learn to control our reactions to their behavior. But if in this choice we choose anger, then we have not elevated our consciousness to a place where love would be recognized.

To live a life founded in love, we must be willing to look within ourselves before we point a finger of criticism at others. How often do we explode in anger when others do not act in accordance with the way we would like them to behave? Do we fail to notice the ramifications of our own negative behavior? How often do we justify our unloving behavior because of the negative actions of others?

In a way this makes no sense, justifying our negativity because of the negative actions of others. If we choose to behave this way, we are no better than those who behave negatively. In essence we remain in the lower levels of consciousness that negativity creates.

If we allow negativity to upset our emotional state of being, then negativity controls us. Our anger then controls us, seeking revenge controls us, and lying would also control us. We have lost all sense of self-control when we allow negativity to dictate our life.

The way to overcome this is through love. Sure we may get angry while in a loving frame of mind, but if we are aware of this love, we will quickly return to a place of love. At times anger can be so satisfying, although we must realize it is emotionally harmful. When we understand that love is healing, nurturing, and compassionate, we may choose to return to a place of love quickly.

What would happen if instead of getting angry, or falling into the anger of others, we chose instead to love? Those who are angry need love, those who are negative need to experience love as a way to heal. Every time we get angry or become negative, we harm ourselves and those we claim to love. When we choose love, we begin to heal, and unite as one people on this beautiful planet.

The thing about unconditional love is it has no boundaries, no limitations and no reason to be withheld as a form of punishment. The best way to love is to love completely. Why hold back our love? We have seen what negativity has accomplished in the world.

If we are afraid of sharing our love, what is the root of this fear? Is it because we fear we may not receive love in return? Are we afraid of getting hurt for being honest and true by expressing our love freely? If the love we give without condition is not received as we had hoped, then it has little to do with us. It is up to those who refuse our love to look within themselves and ask why they deny this love.

The behavior of others is an indication of who they are, and the struggles they may be facing, and our unconditional love is a reflection of who we are. Wouldn’t it be better for the world around us if we gave our love without condition or expectation, than it would to withhold our love because we are afraid of how it will be received by others?


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Where does the voice of our intuition originate? As I learned through my journal writing, intuition is the voice of our own self-love. When we follow our intuition, we are loving ourselves. When we don’t, we are not allowing this powerful flow of love to guide us.

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