Knowledge Over Fear


I remember when I was learning to drive in the snow. If I was afraid, I would step on the brake. This caused the car to slide into a skid. If I took my foot off of the brake, I regained control. At the time this seemed counterintuitive. I didn’t want to be going as fast as I was, but by stepping on the brake, I lost control. Once I released the brake, and recovered control, I was no longer afraid.

In life when we are afraid, how often do we try to hold on tightly for control, only to experience more reasons to be afraid? Is it possible that by letting go we can regain control, and life will settle down for us? When I realized my actions were causing my fear, my fear turned into knowledge. Can we use knowledge to silence our fear?

When we step away from a fearful situation, and recognize the reasons for our fear, we may be able to learn from our fear. In this case what we learn will help us disarm our fear in the future. Our knowledge becomes stronger than our fear, and with time, we will turn to our wisdom instead of becoming fearful.

As we look around the world, at first glance we may see reasons to fear, but how much of this fear can we breakdown with increased knowledge? Just like driving in a snowstorm, with knowledge and experience, it may not be as frightening as we once thought. Rather than become fearful in any situation, we can choose to educate ourselves. This way our level of fear is minimized, and our fear will no longer control our behavior.

This will teach us that with knowledge comes trust, and this trust will be rooted in our ability to seek the truth in any situation. Rather than getting sucked into a negative experience because of our fear, we can trust our wisdom, and move through the situation without becoming mired in fear. We can release our need to control the situation and allow it to unfold without having a negative impact on our place of emotional center.

During the first snowstorm of the season I get a bit fearful, but I can refocus away from my fear to remember the knowledge I have learned throughout my time living in the Rocky Mountains. My experience allows me to ease my grip on the steering wheel, and my knowledge silences any fear I may have. Releasing my fear allows me to make choices with a clear frame of mind, not one clouded by fear.

Is it possible to accept that our fear may be rooted in a lack of knowledge? Could it be we do not have a full understanding of the situation and that is why we are afraid? We can choose to make the best choices based on the knowledge we do have, instead of letting our fear overtake us.

By acknowledging our fear we take away the control fear has over us. When we are smarter than our fear, we can recognize ways to weaken the strength we give to our fear. Even though we may not be able to change the reasons for our fear, we may be able to separate ourselves emotionally from our fear.

As we examine our fear deeper, we realize there may be little truth in our reasons to be afraid. When we turn on the light in a dark room, we see there is nothing to be afraid of. Yet before we shined the light, we assume there are reasons to be afraid. Knowledge and truth act the same way on our fears. If we think of knowledge and truth as a bright light in the darkness, we can overcome  the reasons we are fearful.

As the seasons begin to change, I’ll take the time to prepare my truck for winter. That way I can trust it will be ready when the change in weather arrives. We can do the same with our fear, by gaining knowledge that will help us with the changes that may come before us. This will benefit us in the future no matter how fearful the situation may appear.

Will knowledge work to diminish all of our fears? Maybe not, but with trust and knowledge we are able to control our fear better than if we just reacted to our fear without much thought.


Does our fear force us to try to control the situation, or can we let go?

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