The Truth is Love


We hear a lot about finding the truth recently. It seems everyone has a different version of the truth and what it means to them. If we dig past our beliefs, can we find the bedrock of truth. A truth so strong and solid, there is no way to deny it. What if this truth was love. Sounds crazy because people love money, power, fame, and stature, yet are these real signs of love? Or do people just identify with these things so they consider it love?

Think for a minute how life would shift if we believed that the truth had a foundation of love. We would have to take an honest look at our lives to evaluate if we are living by this truth, or not. This would ask us to examine our thoughts, beliefs, and behavior, to see if we are aligned with this powerful source of love.

As we take a closer look at our behavior, we may notice that what we believe to be true, has no love in it. If this is the case, then why do we act this way? What benefits do our thoughts serve us if they are not based on love? It takes courage to look within and challenge a thought, or belief that is at the core of our being. Don’t we want to live the best life possible? How can we live to the fullness of who we are, if we are always acting in a negative way?

The idea that love is at the core of truth may challenge us on many levels. One reason is because we associate truth with facts, and love with relationships. This kind of love is much more than just an emotion. Think of it as the center of all creation, the eternal energy that binds all things together.

Another thing that can challenge us, is when we look around at the world we may not notice much love. We see those who seek power, money, and fame, in control of how others are living. There is very little love in their behavior. Although they claim to be speaking the truth, there is no love in their words.

What would happen if we focused on love being at the truth of all life? We would have to ask ourselves if our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, originated from love. If not them we would need to release them from our consciousness. A simple question to ask is “Is this thought or word, founded in love?” The answer will reveal to us if we are living by this powerful truth.

One of the things I have noticed when I ask myself if my thoughts, beliefs, and behavior, are rooted in love, is how far I can be from being loving. This allows me to question why I think as I do, and then to ask if this behavior is of value to myself, and others.

It can be easy to keep on living as we have, with no need for the challenging task of honest self-examination, but don’t we want to leave a healthier world than the one we are experiencing. If we are not loving or kind, why is that? Are we only loving to those with whom we agree? That would limit the way we experience the world. We may not know the truth, because we are too wrapped up in the negativity of anger, blame, or our judgement of others.

I have come to accept that the truth is love, and I work to live by this powerful truth. This allows me to see people through the eyes of love, and not many of the negative emotions I once believed were true. To live this way is to know that everyone is doing the best they can, and there is no need to judge them. In this way I am free from negative energy. I know the world benefits from the positive energy of this deep, powerful love.

Looking ahead to the days to come, can we challenge our thoughts and beliefs, and arrive at the conclusion that love is the bedrock of all truth.


Can you discover the love that is at the core of all truth?

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