Emotional Stumbling Blocks


There is a post on social media showing the difference between what people think enlightenment is and what really happens. One picture shows someone walking on clouds with bright sun shining down on them. The other picture is a person curled up in the fetal position crying. Although the first image looks wonderful, the second image is closer to the truth.


There will be days when we feel as if we are walking on clouds above the storm, yet often we are in the thick of the turbulent weather. But isn’t the heart of the storm where we will find the lessons we need to uncover our true selves? If it was all easy would it be worth it? After a storm don’t we appreciate the sunny days? Here we can regroup and look within, to see what we have learned, and the benefits the rain has given the landscape around us.


When we fall over an emotional roadblock we have a choice, remain on the wet, damp ground, or get up, brush off the mud and continue moving forward. I’d like to claim I’m always centered and above the storm, but that isn’t the case. I stumble on my own emotional roadblocks, but I have learned that when this happens I need to do a bit more work on these issues.


Sure I feel bad when this happens, because at one time I thought I had conquered that issue and it was no longer a concern. Yet life has a way of reminding us that there will always be a test to see if we have truly cleared away that particular emotional roadblock.


One of the challenges we face when we fall off the wagon is to not continue to abuse ourselves for taking the fall. It wasn’t until later in my life where I learned that everyone is doing the best they can, even me. At first I doubted this belief, but in time I came to understand the truth it holds.


When we accept that we are doing the best we can, we release ourselves from our harsh self-judgement. This allows us the opportunity to get up off the ground quicker than if we continued to ridicule ourselves for stumbling in the first place. Aren’t these lessons a benefit to our journey? How would life be if we learned nothing beneficial, nothing of value for our desire to truly know ourselves? Where would that leave us?


I’m going to take the risk and ask the question, push that button, or try to open the door. Even if I fall on my face, I know I have the inner courage and strength to get up and try to open that door one more time. What are the other choices?


They say what we want is on the other side of our fear. Are we afraid to move forward because we believe we will get dirty? What if we trip on a tree root from a past experience we had yet to clear from our consciousness? I have learned that at times life is a dirty job. To begin the journey of self-discovery is to risk falling flat on our face. Is that enough of a reason to stay where we are and not move forward?


Stumbling on our emotional roadblocks can be disheartening, especially if we thought we had worked through these issues, but is it possible we are just fine tuning our ability to remain centered? Maybe we end up crying less and walking in the sun more, even if we are not walking on clouds, at least we are in the warmth of the light.


When we realize we can choose what we invite into our consciousness, we are tapping into our inner strength. In doing so we make the connection with the truth of who we are. This is where we will find the love of our true self. Once realized this love allows us to whether the storm and look toward the sun for guidance, and enlightenment.


Have you experienced any emotional stumbling blocks recently? I know I have.


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