Judgement or Love


Why do we choose to judge those we know nothing about? Is this behavior a way to make us feel better about ourselves? Do we use our judgement as a way to elevate us to a place of superiority, because we lack knowledge of our true self-love?


What would happen if instead of judgement we chose to find the root of our need to judge? This would require an honest look within ourselves to see why we judge in the first place.


Every plant has roots, and so does every thought and belief. If the roots are fed good nutrients, and ample water, the plant will grow true and strong. When we think of the way we go through life, the same is true. What we allow into our consciousness affects our thoughts and beliefs, and the way we behave. If we feed ourselves a constant diet of negativity, then our thoughts and beliefs will be rooted in negativity. Although if we are fed a diet of positivity we will grow healthy and strong by the love that is the root of positivity.


Judgement is the result of negative energy held within our thoughts and beliefs. We cannot access our true self-love because negative energy blocks our way. Do we judge because we lack self-love? Of course!


To live a life through our true self-love, is to free ourselves from the need to make ourselves feel better through our judgement of others. In this powerful place of awareness we love ourselves enough to accept that everyone—no matter how toxic they may appear—are doing the best they can at any moment of their day.


Believing that everyone is doing their best is in itself a challenging thought to accept, because judgement is so deeply rooted in our society. Why is it easier to judge others and ourselves, than it is to truly love ourselves? Is it because if we tell someone we love ourselves they see this as vain, or satisfying our ego? Do we realize that judging others is the work of our ego, and not that of our true authentic selves?


How do we recognize the difference between our ego, and our authentic self? Ask yourself which is founded in unconditional love? Which is the voice of acceptance? Which sees the love within everyone, even if they do not see it in themselves? Only our true, authentic self can claim to love so deeply.


This is why when we judge, we are acting from our ego, and not a place of love. To judge is to condemn others by the judgement of our ego. Our true selves recognizes the connection all beings have, this connection is a flow of love so powerful it transcends time and space. This love is eternal, and everywhere. There is no place this love does not flow. It is people who judge who block this stream of love in the physical world. Yet this love cannot be blocked in the nonphysical realm.


This love is how a mother knows if her child is in need, whether the child is in the next room, or in another part of the world. This love knows no boundaries. Is this love worth blocking because of our need to judge ourselves as better than others? Our lives will flow easier if we choose love. Wouldn’t the world be a healthier place if we loved without condition, or expectation?


When we realize how harmful judgement can be to our health and relationships, we may begin the journey to rid ourselves of this behavior. The best way to accomplish this is to accept the loving belief that everyone is doing their best, no matter how toxic they may appear


We never know who may be fighting an inner battle we know nothing about. The best we can do is to work to separate ourselves from negativity by accepting the eternal love found within us. Then we can use this love as a way to move into higher states of consciousness where there is no need to judge others.


It can be so easy to judge others, and so difficult to love them.


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