Justifying Our Choices


The other day, I felt I had to justify my decisions to someone. Then I realized it didn’t matter what they thought, because I had made my choices on what I knew was true and right for me. I’m learning that not everyone will understand our thought process. Others will see the world through their life experiences, and may not understand the reasons for our choices.


When we realize our life is ours to direct, and we move in a direction that is aligned with our true self, we will no longer have the need to justify our choices to anyone. The more I thought about it, I wanted to be liked by the other person, so I was willing to explain myself with the hope they would accept my final decision.


As I look deeper into this experience, if I explained my decision to them, I was seeking their approval as a way to justify my actions. In other words, I wanted their approval so I could feel good about the choice I had made.


Why is it we look to others for justification? Is it because we don’t truly trust ourselves with the outcome of our choices? It seems as if the more we try to explain ourselves to others, the more we begin to doubt ourselves.


This can begin a never ending cycle; the more we doubt ourselves, the more often we will seek the advice of others. If we go through life this way, we will end up living a life that pleases others, but does not bring us any true joy.


At the root of our reasons for outside justification is our lack of awareness in our self-love. When we truly love ourselves we will know which direction to take by how we feel while contemplating our choices.


With each decision we have to make on any given day, we will have an intuitive feeling regarding our choices. Yet it may take time to learn to trust these feelings. It is only through the outcome of our choices will we know if we made the best decision for us. As with most things in life, the lesson is taught after the test.


Trust in our intuition needs to be built before we will have the ability to move through life without the need for the advice of others. It is in our intuition where we will know if we are headed in the right direction.


It seems that the more I live a self-loving life, the more powerful I experience my intuition. As I learn to trust its loving guidance, I have discovered there is no need for outside validation. I love myself enough to know what is true for me, and I don’t need anyone’s justification for the way I go through life.


Can we discover our true self-love thereby learning to trust ourselves with the choices we make every day?


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