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There is a saying that goes, “You are a combination of the five closest people you have in your life”. These people would make up your circle. When I read this, it causes me to pause and ask myself, who are the people in my circle, and how do they influence the way I move through life?


It can be easy to surround ourselves with those who agree with our point of view. Or those who choose not to challenge our behavior, even those who will support our negativity. But surrounding ourselves with those that cause us to be better people, may be a bit more challenging.


If all we want is to be around people who say yes to our every word, then where is the growth? As I look over my life, I can see times when the people around me forced me to take a good long look at my behavior. This self-evaluation initiated a few life changing habits. If I had been surrounded by “yes-men” there would not have been any reason to change.


Yet it can be difficult to re-examine our life because often where we are is comfortable. No matter where we are emotionally, physically, or spiritually, there is always room for positive growth. Although this growth can also cause hardship, because we have to find the courage to change our unhealthy habits.


One of the things that makes changing our behavior so challenging is we may upset those who are in our circle. The reason they associate with us is because they are comfortable with us. When we begin to change they may choose to leave our relationship. Let’s face it, losing friends is not something any of us want to experience. The thought of having a smaller circle may prevent us from changing the way we experience life.


Staying in a circle that does not bring us growth, does nothing for our well-being. Even though we may feel liked and admired, is there any true benefit to being around people who approve of everything we do? I would rather be alone than surround myself with those who give me a blank check to say, or do as I please.


The challenge then becomes one of accepting advice or possible criticism from those in our circle. If we trust these people to look out for our best interest, we must be willing to hear what they have to say, whether we like it or not. It takes courage for those in our circle to speak the truth to us. Yet if we trust them, we must be courageous enough to listen to what they have to say.


We have to consider ourselves as being in the circle of others as well. How do we behave? Do we just accept negative behavior, or do we encourage positive change, and give support when they seek to improve themselves? If our advice or support is rejected it may be easier to quietly walk away from the situation, than it would to maintain a one-way relationship.


The intention of having a close circle is to have friends who are willing to help us improve ourselves. Yet we can only improve if our attention is drawn to the areas of life that need improvement. The true friend is someone who shares their advice from a place of love and respect for us. If not, then their advice may come across as criticism and nothing substantial.


I like to think of it as everyone in my circle is a mentor guiding me to be the best version of myself. No one does it alone and every once in a while we may need a little nudge to get back on course. Isn’t that what having a circle of true friends is all about?


Do you have a supportive circle in your life?


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