Recognizing The Sacred Around Us


The other morning, while feeding vegetable scraps to my chickens, I came upon a thought of recognizing the sacred around us. I was surprised at such a powerful thought coming from a moment of stillness while in the barn. What does this mean, to recognize the sacred around us?


If I believe—and I do—that we are all connected, then this would mean that we are all created from the same source of energy, including the chickens. To accept this powerful truth, is to step away from the ego mind, and understand that there is a source of energy greater than us, outside of our physical body.


When we take an honest look around us, we may begin to marvel at the beauty that is always there for us. This beauty is also a part of who we are. Imagine taking a soil sample from the forest, or a water sample from the ocean, then comparing these samples with the elements in our body. What would we find? Is it possible we would discover the same elements in each sample? This would mean that we are connected to the soil and the water beneath our feet.


Would this cause us to wonder, from where we came? To take this a step further, could we see our connection to the planet we inhabit? Then taking these thoughts another step, would we recognize that this connection may be more than physical?


If each element vibrates because of the energy within it, then the elements within us would vibrate as well. Is there any difference between the vibration of the soil and water, and the vibration within us? Would we see a  connection between our physical form and the elements found throughout our home here on Earth?


If we were to accept our connection to the earth below our feet, then is it hard to recognize the energy found within this connection? Does it then become easier to wonder at how connected we are to all beings, and plants on Earth. Yet, is this connection only physical? Could we be connected energetically as well?


Have you ever watched a flock of birds fly in unison, as if they are one consciousness. Each bird, is an individual, yet they fly as one, often for the benefit of the flock. Does this cause awe and wonder within you? Is this a sacred act of unison?


The question becomes, if a flock of birds flying in harmony is not a sacred act, then why do you believe this? There is no room for the ego, because there is no ego in nature, only the desire to live as life was intended. Is this not sacred, to live in harmony with our true selves?


Have we allowed our ego to separate us from our awareness of the sacred? If a flock of birds flying as one causes awe within us, why is it difficult to see the sacred within ourselves. No one tells your heart to beat consistently, you don’t have to remember to breathe, and your stomach digests food while you sleep. Is this not sacred?


Yes, there is much going on in our lives we don’t understand, but can we accept that much of it may be for our own benefit. Would it be easier to understand life if we learned to recognize the sacred in everything, including ourselves?


The ego mind wants to shout out to the world, look at me, look at me, and often this is where we direct our focus. While the ego shouts, the sacred is quietly rotating the Earth around the sun. The sacred demands little from us, this is why we choose to focus on the loud voice of the ego. When the ego is silenced, the divine—the sacred—bursts forth, for us to recognize.


In the challenging times today is this awareness difficult to accept? Possibly, yet when we begin to recognize the sacred in everything, we begin to feel united with each other.  As if we are part of a larger community, individuals, working together, as a collective group. Connected through our awareness of the sacred found within each of us


Only when we have a moment of stillness—in nature, or through meditation, will we silence the ego mind, and begin to recognize the sacred in all we see. As our eyes open with this new awareness, we will begin to know that there is indeed the sacred in everything around us.


Can you silence the ego mind and recognize the sacred in everything?


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