When we look at the world around us, we will see confirmation of our beliefs. If we believe the world is kind and compassionate, we will see this in our everyday lives. Yet if we believe the world is out to get us, we will see evidence of that as well. It won’t take much to understand our beliefs if we take an honest look at how we perceive the world.


If our beliefs influence our lives as they do, we should ask ourselves where do our beliefs originate? Many of them were taught to us when we were younger by those who claim to love us. The interesting thing about beliefs, is they can be taught through a person’s words as well as their actions.


As children we observe how people speak and act, believing that if we speak and act as they do, we will have value to those around us. One of the issues with this behavior, is we may continue speaking and acting this way throughout life, without questioning why we are behaving this way. We believe our actions are acceptable, but we never stop to ask ourselves if this is true.


If we want to be authentic, and live a life based on this authenticity, at some point we must begin the process of questioning our beliefs to see if they are true and right for us. A belief passed down through generations may not be valid for our current reality, yet we maintain the belief in our consciousness anyway. We may not realize it, but a generational belief may be limiting the way we experience life.


It can be a challenge questioning our beliefs, because our new way of seeing the world may be contrary to what we have been taught by those we love. What then? It may be easier to maintain an unhealthy belief rather than confront those around us with a different point of view.


How do we know if a belief is worthy of scrutiny? Ask if the belief is founded on love. Why love? At the core of our being is an eternal source of love. This love is the foundation of all creation. Any thought, word, or action, not rooted in love is not in alignment with the truth of who we are.


If we realize that a belief is not founded in love, we will recognize how harmful it is to our connection with the love at the core of our being. The more we think, speak, and act, with beliefs not rooted in love, the more we become disconnected from the love found deep within us.


When we start to examine our beliefs not based on love, we can begin the process of clearing away the beliefs that prevent us from living to the fullness of who we are. In doing so we release ourselves from the negative energy old and outdated beliefs hold.


This may seem too simple, yet why do we hold onto beliefs that do not move us closer to the love at the core of our being? Isn’t the intention of life to live to the fullness of who we are? As we shed beliefs that no longer benefit us, we begin to see the world very differently, because we have changed our point of reference. Rather than see the world through the hand-me-down beliefs we had been taught, we get a new perspective of the world through the lens of love.


When we work to release unhealthy beliefs from our awareness, we will come face to face with many long held beliefs we think are the building blocks of who we are. By challenging these beliefs we may realize that these beliefs have shaped us in a way that is not true, or authentic. Yet if we are honest with ourselves, and our intention is to live an authentic life, these beliefs must be questioned.


The journey to live by the truth of who we are, is the work of learning to love ourselves, without question or judgement. As this journey progresses we will discover a powerful source of love hidden beneath the beliefs we accepted without question.


Are we courageous enough to challenge our beliefs, with the intention of discovering our authentic self?


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