Trust is an interesting state of being. We say we trust ourselves, but many times we ask  others for an opinion. When this opinion does not align with what we want to hear, we may lose faith in our ability to make the right choices, or see the situation clearly. At times opinions are important, yet at other times, an opinion can shake our foundation to the core. 

If we were to look within ourselves with a true desire to know who we are, we will realize that at the center of our being is an eternal source of unconditional love. It is this love the makes us who we are, and gives us the strength and courage to trust ourselves. 

Yet for many reasons, we can become disconnected from the powerful flow of love. This can be one of the reasons we don’t trust ourselves. In a way we don’t love ourselves enough to have the inner strength to know what is true and right for us. So we ask for an opinion.

The thing about opinions, is the more we ask others for guidance the more separated we become from our inner source of love. The cycle of asking for an opinion, because we don’t trust ourselves, can lead us in a direction not in alignment with our true desires. Before we know it, we are living a life that has no authenticity in its foundation.

The key to living by the truth of who we are, is to learn to love and trust ourselves, no matter what other people say, or the opinions they may have. No one knows what is true and right for us as we do for ourselves. If the direction we have chosen has a solid underpinning of self-love, then we are well on our way to living a true and authentic life.

As we learn to trust ourselves, we begin the journey of always knowing what is right for us, by how the thought of it makes us feel. This is where our intuition becomes a part of our inner guidance. Intuition combined with our self-love, and the trust we have in ourselves now become the building blocks for a life that may far exceed our expectations.


Isn’t that the kind of life we want to live, one that exceeds our expectations?

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Although to live to the fullness of who we are, we must begin to use the word, “No” more often. Not in a way that limits our possibilities, but in a way that clears away the distractions that occur along the road to recognizing out true potential.

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