What If?


What if? What if we chose left instead of right? What if they loved us as we loved them? What if we followed our intuition, what if we didn’t? What if we had the courage to look within ourselves to recognized the eternal source of love found beneath our self-doubt, and our negative self-talk? What if we accepted that our happiness depends on the choices we make, not on the behavior of others?


We could chase the “what if?” question for a long time without any clear answers. In a way “what if’s” are second-guesses. We “what if” because we may doubt we made the right choice. Yet “what if’s” don’t serve any real purpose, or do they? Can we learn from our “what if’s”? I think so.


I have had more than a few bruises resulting in choices I could “what if”. Most of the time I ended up getting hurt because I failed to trust, and then follow my intuition. I could “what if” myself into a deep state of self-criticism that would serve me no good.


I know the answer to the “what if’s” I carry around in my emotional baggage. The answer more often than not, is because I didn’t love myself enough to make my emotional and physical health a priority. What if I chose my self-love to guide me through life? I think life would have been different, but then again, that is a “what if”.


What if we realized that our health and well-being is our responsibility, and not the responsibility of those around us? The behavior of others is a reflection of who they are, and our reaction is a testament of who we are. This understanding gives us the strength to remain positive and centered, when others treat us poorly. If we behave this way we may not have to second-guess ourselves in the future.


When we accept that there are important lessons for our emotional growth in challenging situations, rather than become upset, we are better off searching for these lessons, then using them to our benefit. This allows us to grow from the experience no matter the outcome.


Sure, it may be difficult to find a positive lesson in a situation that broke our heart, or broke a bone, but they are there, we just have to look for them. One thing to remember, is we are always being sent intuitive guidance, it is up to us to recognize this guidance before we break anything, a bone, relationship, or the front window with our hockey stick. Loving ourselves enough to follow our intuition will help us minimize our “what if’s”.


Can we spare ourselves the agony of “what if” ourselves? This behavior is always looking in the past, with little focus on the present moment. Yes we learn from past experiences, but if we keep looking over our shoulder we will surely trip and fall flat on a lesson we should have learned from our past. What if we focused on the present moment, and the guidance we receive in the here and now? We may find we have no need to “what if” ourselves any longer.


Do you think of your “what if’s” and how your life would be different? Are you learning from these situations?


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