How often have we really considered the advice, “Be careful what you wish for”? Seems simple, but we can get ourselves in a real bind by not focusing on what we truly want.


I once had my sights on a job I thought I really wanted, yet once I got the job I quickly recognized it wasn’t right for me. Looking back I can see that I fell in love with the idea of the job. I didn’t give myself a chance to take an honest look at how the job would feel, or what it would be like working there day after day. In a way I was careless with what I had wished for, and my wish came true, even though at the core of my being, I knew the job wasn’t right for me.


The interesting thing about what we wish for, is we often don’t put much thought into our wishes. Or we make so many wishes, we forget what we even wished for, so when the wish does arrive we are unsure where it came from, or what to do with it.


I once found a dead mouse in an open bag of dog food. I can hear the mouse now, “I wish I could just get in that bag of food, then I’ll be set for life.” Never realizing that once in the bag the mouse needed water to survive. As it turned out, the sides of the bag were too slick for the mouse to climb, the mouse couldn’t escape the dream they had wished for, and it did live the rest of its life in the bag of food.


A tragic story, but you get the point. How often do our wishes lead us away from what is true and right for us? The mouse fell in love with the idea of life in the bag of dog food, but never thought through its actions.


It can be easy to fall in love with an idea, but does this idea align with the truth of who we are? There may be obstacles in every choice we make, some grand, while others much smaller. The thing about our wishes is if they are true and right for us, everything will fall into place, many times much faster than we could ever imagine.


We must have a certain level of awareness with the wishes we make, because once we say the words, or imagine the final results, the energy of our desire has already been sent out to the world, thereby attracting the outcome of our wish back to us.


This may seem odd, but how often have we made a wish or set an intention, knowing it was right for us, and before we realize it the ability to fulfill the wish has appeared before us? When we are conscious of what is true and right for us, our wishes manifest quicker than if they were just a passing idea.


Some would say that our wish coming to fruition might only be a coincidence, or just luck. But is this really the case? What if there is more to luck and coincidence than we may believe? Is it possible the energy of our intention does attract back to us a successful outcome? This would mean that there is more going on in the non-physical realm than we may be willing to believe. But why not allow ourselves the freedom to see what this realm can do for us?


“Be careful what you wish for” has true meaning, although if we are aware of the power of our wishes and intentions, we will have the ability to create the life that at one time we thought was out of reach.


Are you aware of the power of your wishes and intentions?


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