Higher Self


What if we could communicate with a part of ourselves known as our higher self? We may ask what is our higher self? Imagine a part of ourselves that is true, unconditional love. An aspect of who we are that does not need validation from the outside world to maintain its worth.


Our higher self is always with us, guiding us through our intuition, instincts, and gut feelings. If we look closely we will realize that our higher self is the truth of who we are. There is never a moment in our life when we are separated from our higher self. The intention of a spiritual journey is to experience life through the love of our higher self. Although we may not see it that way at first, think of it as becoming our authentic self.


We may believe we are authentic now. A few question to ask ourselves to see if we are living authentically would be, “Are we living a truthful, meaningful, and loving life?” “Do we find comfort in knowing that the path we are on is the road we are destined to walk?” “Is it possible to love those in our life, even those who upset us, without condition or exception?”


The thing about our higher self, is it only speaks through love, kindness, and compassion. Because of this, if we are connected to our higher self, we will be living a life that is focused on being kind, compassionate, and loving. Our thoughts, words, and actions will have a solid foundation based on these powerful emotions.


One of the challenges we face in life is our desire to please others as a way to validate our self-worth and self-esteem. In doing so we choose to become someone different just to feel accepted by others. This behavior separates us from knowing the truth of who we are. It may be hard to recognize this pattern because we may have been doing it since early childhood.


Yet through these changes our higher self has been guiding us toward our authentic self. Leading us to live an honest and truthful life through our intuitive feelings. A life that resonates deep within us, a life of true meaning.


One way to connect with our higher self, and benefit from its loving guidance, would be to become aware of the messages from our intuition. Intuitive guidance is always loving and kind. No guidance is ever given that will cause harm to ourselves or others.


It may take practice to know if these intuitive feelings are true or not. Often intuitive guidance can be overpowered by our negative self-talk and our self-doubt. Also, time may be needed to build trust in these subtle feelings. We will know if the guidance was right by the outcome of our choices.

As we begin to trust the messages from our intuition and gut feelings, we will also be connecting with our higher self. This is where the guidance benefits us the most if we are working on living a truly authentic life. We may come upon many obstacles on the journey of connecting with our truth, but we can always seek comfort and guidance from the wisdom of our higher self.


I have gotten into the habit of asking myself if I should go one way or the other, then listening for an answer. If in doubt, I ask the question twice to see if I get a different answer. The results of the outcome is my sign if I have followed the right guidance. This requires trust, but in time I have learned to trust the wisdom.


There may be times when we ask for guidance and do not receive an answer, or an intuitive feeling. In these situations it may be best to wait until the feeling is right before we move forward.


As with any new relationship trust and confidence are built over time. Yet before too long we will be able to connect with our higher self, and begin to live a life of truth, honesty, and authenticity.


Have you connected with your higher self through your intuition, instincts, or gut feelings?


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