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The other day I had an experience that made me uncomfortable. I worked through it to release my emotional attachment, with the intention of clearing it from my consciousness before I went to bed. This would allow me to begin the new day centered emotionally.


It can be easy to wake up each day and renew the energy from the day before. This is wonderful if we are having a good time with friends and loved ones. Yet it can be a struggle to prevent any residual negativity from the day before from overtaking the new day.


When we look at the possibilities available to us each new day, do we want to contaminate the day with past negativity we have failed to resolve? Why do we choose to carry this energy over to a new day?


If we believe we create our own reality by the thoughts we think, then we must accept that the negative thoughts and emotions from our past will create the outcome of our day. Yet it can be easy to remain focused on our past rather than look toward the future.


The crazy thing about our past, is we know it, we understand it, and we are comfortable with it. The future is completely unknown and uncertain to us, this can cause us much emotional discomfort, even more discomfort than our uncomfortable past.


This is why we often remain in place emotionally, we are too afraid of the future, and the past is comfortable, even though the past may have caused us great pain. Rather than rewrite our life with each new day, we choose the same inner dialogue because it does not challenge us.


How do we choose to welcome each day with new optimism? When I review the situation that challenged me emotionally, I realize it was a short amount of time, taken out of a wonderful day. I allowed the energy of that single experience to control my attitude.


As we learn to recognize the positive lessons in negative experiences, we can shift our focus away from the negativity, toward a better understanding of what we can learn from the situation.


Looking back on what happened to me, I realize it could have been much worse, and I’m grateful for the way things turned out. Yet in that moment, all I could see were the hurtful aspects of the experience. Once I chose to see the positive side of the situation, I was able to release the experience from my awareness. Knowing that I had learned something that would benefit me in the future.


It can be difficult to take a step back and review the day before we go to sleep. Yet this can save us from a sleepless night, and possibly reigniting the same negative energy when we wake up.


As much as we don’t want to admit it, humans are creatures of habit. We are comfortable when things fall into place, maintaining our habitual patterns. This goes for the food we eat, and the thoughts we think. Although these habits may limit the way we experience life.


By realizing that we can choose to let go of our negative emotions, and welcoming in a new day of possibilities, we may just begin to live a very different life than we are living now. But it all begins with the emotional energy we have when we begin a new day.


Can we shed the uncomfortable emotions from our past and look to the new day with fresh eyes?


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  1. It is important to create a habit of looking back at our day, getting at least 1 lesson for ourselves and expressing gratitude for the beauty and good.


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