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This is an excerpt from the chapter on your authentic truth from my book, “A Complete Life, Discovering Your Authentic Self”.


What does it mean to experience your authentic truth? Is being an authentic person necessary for living a complete life? Can you maintain your authentic self while you change and grow emotionally from the challenges you have faced? Is it possible to look within yourself to find the answers to these questions to help you discover your authentic truth?


During the course of your life, you have been asked to be a different person for different people: brother, sister, lover, teacher, mother, friend. The question is, “Who are you, to you?” Would you consider yourself your own best friend—your own confidant? Are you comfortable being by yourself, or do you need a crowd of people to support you? Do you see yourself as being authentic?


What does being authentic even mean? In short, being your authentic self means discovering your truth, then living by this truth. From this powerful awareness, you can express your truth to the people you encounter in your life. Living a complete life is living by your authentic truth—the truth that only you know is right for you.


If you are focused on pleasing those around you to boost your self-worth or you are bitter because you have sacrificed your dreams for the needs of others you may not be living an authentic life. Placing the needs of other people ahead of your own needs may have caused you to give up much of your authentic truth. Other factors keeping you from living an authentic life would be believing the false beliefs you have learned throughout your life, as well as accepting the negative self-talk you hear in your head as the truth.


An authentic life begins when you connect with the constant stream of loving guidance flowing within you, leading you to your true self-love. There becomes no need to seek the approval of those around you to boost your self-worth, because you now feel the depth of this inner love. This love is authentic, it is purely you. It has always been within you, only now you are allowing yourself to feel and experience this love. This love is real, this love is true.


Once you recognize this love, your inner trust will strengthen, and because of this, you will have the courage to live an authentic life, a life knowing your inner self-love, and then choosing to live by this love. This will weaken your self-doubt and begin to silence the negative self-talk often repeated in your daily experience, thereby allowing you to enjoy the best life has to offer.


If for some reason events do not work out the way you had planned stay centered within your inner love and remain true to your authentic self. There becomes no need for self-judgement—or the judgement of other people for that matter—knowing your authentic self speaks and lives focused on the tremendous love found within.©


Is it possible to discover your authentic truth?


Let me know what you think, leave a question or comment below, or email me, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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