When we look out across the global landscape we may see many reasons to be in a state of fear. If we choose to focus on what makes us fearful, we are allowing fear to control us emotionally. Yet what if we had the courage to look for all the good happening around us? Thereby freeing us from the emotional weight of fear.


On the day I was learning to ride a bicycle, I remember focusing on a rock in the road. The more I focused on the rock, the more I headed toward it. It was as if I couldn’t take my eyes off the rock, and sure enough I hit the rock.


This lead me to believe that where the eyes go the body will follow. But can we take it a step further and realize that where we place our focus, our emotions will follow. If we focus on the soft fur of a kitten, our emotions may be of kindness and love. On the other hand when we focus on all the things happening in the world today, our focus may lead us to the emotion of fear.


I’m not saying we should ignore what is happening in the outside world, although at times that does sound like a great idea. I’m saying that we can choose to turn our attention toward the good around us that may go unnoticed.


One way to notice where we are placing our focus, would be to check in with our body. Are we stressed by what we see, causing our body to get tight as we inhale short choppy breaths? Or, are we relaxed and taking deep, slow breaths? When I was learning to ride a bicycle, focusing on the rock, I felt like my arms were so stiff I couldn’t turn away to avoid hitting the rock.


Our body is a great indicator of the emotions we are carrying, many times without our consciousness awareness. Yet we must remember that the root of many of our emotions originate from where we place our focus.


I know people who insist on always watching the evening news. Because of this habit they always appear stressed and distant emotionally. They fail to realize that what they see on the news impacts their physical body as well as their overall health.


I’m not saying we shouldn’t be informed in current events. I am saying that we should never underestimate the effect focusing on these events have on our well-being. We can still be informed without having this information disrupt our inner peace.


Focus is an interesting thing, because we often do not realize that we are focusing on anything that may be harmful to us. It could be that we have become so comfortable with much of the negativity we see in the world, we don’t notice how this information affects us.


If we have a choice where we place our focus, we can then choose to focus on more pleasant things. Or we can work to find the positive lessons in what we see going on around us. This way we disarm the negativity, and strengthen the positive energy surrounding the situation.


When we talk about focus, we are really talking about the choices we make. We can choose to see the good or bad in life. Either way, the outcome of our emotional state of being will be determined by the simple choice of where we place our focus.


Does what you focus on effect your emotional health?


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