Judgement vs Compassion


At times the world can be a challenging place. Because of this, we often choose to judge others based on how we see the world, with little consideration for the inner battles they may be facing. We rarely take the time to fully understand the reasons why people behave as they do, we just judge them and move on.

Judgement is easy, that’s why we so often choose this negative behavior. Yet what would happen if instead of judging others, we chose to be compassionate toward them? This shift in our behavior might challenge us on many levels. Being compassionate would cause us to step away from our feeling of superiority and realize that everyone is doing the best they can.


When we judge someone, and want their behavior to change, we are doing so because we would like them to act in a way that pleases us. Behaving this way we attach our peace of mind to their actions. In doing so, we give them the ability to control us emotionally. Our judgement of them is in retaliation for the way we have allowed them to make us feel.


If we were to shift our mindset away from judgement toward compassion, we would separate our emotional stability from their behavior. In a sense, we regain control of our emotional well-being by releasing our need to judge others.


One of the roots of compassion, is understanding that we may know very little of what has caused a person to behave as they do. If we believe that everyone is fighting an inner battle we may know nothing about, then our judgement serves no useful purpose other than to make ourselves feel better about ourselves.


Why be compassionate to those we once chose to judge? Being in a state of compassion elevates our energy, lifting us into higher levels of consciousness. It is in these elevated states of awareness where we realize that our judgement serves no useful purpose. The negativity of our judgement hinders our ability to reach higher states of loving consciousness.


Recently I have been thinking about those whom I have been judging. When I switched my focus away from my negative behavior toward compassion, I began to see that their behavior was based on the pain they have experienced throughout their life. Also I noticed how they have yet to heal from this pain.


Once I became more compassionate, I understood that my judgement was not helping me move forward to a place of healing within myself. In a way, my judgement kept me emotionally connected to the negativity of the experience.


To be compassionate is to connect with the love at the core of our being. It is this love that guides us away from judgement toward compassion. This gets us to an emotional place where we can spend our energy benefiting the global population rather than sending negativity out to the world.


We may never know why people behave as they do. Although if we are more compassionate toward them, their behavior will no longer upset our emotional peace of mind, because we accept that they are doing the best they can, given the life they have experienced.


Is it possible to be more compassionate towards those we chose to judge?


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