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I’m always amazed at the stories we tell ourselves that limit the way we live life. Some of these stories can propel us to greatness, while others can hinder our ability to live to the fullness of who we are. Still others may keep us from doing simple things like riding a bicycle, or going for a walk in the evening.


Why is it, we allow our stories to define us in such a way? The ones that drive us each and every day to success are easy to understand, although they may have an element of fear hidden within them. It’s the narratives that keep us from seeing how far we can go that are in need of questioning.


Where do these stories originate? Many come from people with good intentions, yet are their intentions supportive, or do they only add to our self-doubt? The outcome of our life will be determined by which narrative we repeat to ourselves.


At times we believe these narratives to be set in stone, and no amount of courage can release their grip on our life. We often keep repeating a story because it brings us comfort. We may even have created a life around a narrative that does not serve our well-being.


Challenging these types of stories can shake us to the core, thereby threatening the very foundation of our life. It may be easier to keep the narrative than it would be to search for the root cause as to why we hold onto them so tightly.


Yet, how do we realize which stories no longer serve our best interest, and those that benefit us? This is a tricky question because we may have so much belief in a false narrative we are convinced it is true and right for us.


A doctor once told me I would have to take a pill to alleviate my high blood pressure, and there was nothing I could do to avoid the need for the medication. I was taught to trust doctors and follow their advice without question. But I had an intuitive feeling his remedy was not right for me.


After a change in diet, and a resulting loss of over thirty-five pounds, my blood pressure fell with each pound I dropped. On a later checkup, my blood pressure was low enough I didn’t need to take any medication. Even though I trusted the doctor, I felt I could question the narrative and find an alternative.


I’m not saying to question sound advice, but a narrative that does not take into account the full scope of our experience is a limited narrative. This is where we must begin an honest look at what we have been taught to see if it is benefiting us or holding us in place.


One thing I always remind myself of, is the thought that we create the world around us by the beliefs we hold dear to us. If these beliefs are founded on love, then we will experience love in our life. But if our narrative is negative and self-limiting, we will build a life based on this energy as well.


The best way to recognize the energy in the stories we believe, is to pay attention to the words we commonly use. In a way, we need to listen to what we say to ourselves and to others. This will reveal to us if our narrative benefits us, or hinders our ability to live to the fullness of who we are.


Do we have the courage to question our narrative?


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