Anger Is Easy


It’s easy to become angry when people behave in a way that doesn’t please us, thereby tossing our inner peace out the window. How often do we choose to see the negative, see the wrong, or the shortcomings of a person. Yet when we act this way, we are making a choice, a choice few people would agree is up to them.


When we accept that the state of our emotional stability is our responsibility, we might begin to choose differently. What if we saw our own well-being as a priority? Think of anger as throwing ourselves off a cliff, having no idea how it will turn out. We don’t even realize it will hurt when we hit the ground, but we behave this way on a regular basis.


Why do we choose to identify with our anger? Is it because we can create a persona others will validate because of the stories we tell? Does our anger give us a strength we cannot find anywhere else? Anger is easy because we don’t think, we just respond. It asks us to react before any thought is placed on why we are angry.


By choosing anger we separate ourselves from the truth of who we are. This truth is love, and this love is the foundation of our authenticity. Yet our anger keeps us from realizing the power of our true self.


What would happen if we chose love instead of anger? Choosing to accept that all people are doing their best with their lives. When we choose love, we release our need for judgement, and our need to be right all the time. We can let go of these limiting acts of behavior because we realize they block the flow of our truth, and hinder our ability to live by this love.


We can do nothing about the behavior of others, so why do we allow their actions to anger us? This is like yelling at the rain expecting it to stop. Nothing can be done about the rain, and nothing can be done about the behavior of others. The best we can do is to release our need for them to behave in a way that pleases us.


Our assumption is if they change how they behave they will make us happy. Yet no amount of change in another person will ever make us truly and deeply happy. We will always be asking them to change one more time for us. How has attaching our happiness to the behavior of others worked out so far?


Anger is easy because it is a mindless reaction. Choosing love is more of a challenge because it involves a pause before any action is taken. Imagine this pause as a fork in the road, one leads to anger and the loss of our emotional center, while the other will lead us to love and a sense of peace. In this pause, which path do we take? 

If we choose anger, then anger controls us. If we choose love and peace, then we remain in control. We choose love because we will not allow our inner peace to be disrupted by the negativity of anger.


The challenge becomes finding the pause between thought and action. In that brief moment can we choose the path of love, and walk away from our need for anger? How would this change our lives?


If we understand that when we choose anger we have chosen to be controlled by negativity, we may begin to see how negativity impacts our lives. How many relationships have been damaged by negativity? How difficult is it to heal these relationships afterwards?


In that brief moment in time, standing at the fork in the road, which do we choose? The outcome of our life depends on this choice, yet it is too easy to choose anger. The challenge is to resist the urge to walk the easy, well-worn path of anger, and walk the weed covered path of love and peace.


That brief moment between thought and reaction, which path do we choose? The easy path to anger?


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