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Why do we have such a difficult time accepting that we are doing the best we can, at any given moment in life? It must be because we have been taught that we could always be doing better. But where does this higher standard originate?


If we tell ourselves we could be doing better, we are judging ourselves based on the beliefs of others who support an unrealistic set of guidelines. The truth of it is, no one knows what we are going through, and at times, it can be difficult for us to pinpoint the root of our own discomfort as well.


As we choose to judge ourselves because we believe we should be doing better, we will find ourselves looking for outside validation, instead of giving ourselves a break by accepting that we are doing our best.


It is no different with those around us. Each of us have had unique experiences as we moved through life. Even in the same family each sibling will have experienced life differently. If this is the case, then why do we use a one size fits all definition of how we think a successful life should look like.


Can’t we just accept that because we are all so different, with completely diverse backgrounds, we are all doing the best we can. If we choose to judge others for not doing enough, then why do we choose to judge in the first place?


Often our judgement is a way of making us feel better about ourselves. Our belief is that we may have life completely figured out, and others should as well. Yet if we were to take an honest look within ourselves, we would find that we judge others because we are insecure about the true nature of who we are.


True nature of who we are? At the core of our being is an eternal source of unconditional love. When we connect with this everlasting love, we recognize that we do not need to judge others or ourselves. The power of this love teaches us that everyone is doing their best, even if they are unhoused, living under a bridge.


What we choose to see in the lifestyle of others, may be better than the life they once lived, we just don’t know. When we judge them because we think they should be doing better, we are saying that we know better than they do about living their life.


We can’t assume we know how someone should live their life. The best we can do for them is to be supportive and willing to lend a hand if they stumble. Imagine if others judged us on a day when things were difficult and challenging. Yet this is exactly what we do when we judge others without a full understanding of what is going on within them.


Accepting that everyone is doing the best they can, takes compassion and courage. Taking the time to see what is really going on in the lives of others is the best we can do for those in our lives.


Looking at ourselves in the mirror, we may see a person who has had many unhealthy opinions placed on them. It is here that we shed these opinions, and accept that no matter what is going on in life we are doing our best. This shift in our awareness allows us to go through our day sharing the love in our heart, without the need to judge others or ourselves.


How easy is it to accept that everyone is doing the best they can?


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