If I were to ask you what was the most powerful word in the English language, what word would you choose? I would have to say it’s a two letter word that begins with an “N” and ends with an “O”, No! Although it is a rather simple word, how often do we use its strength when it comes to living our best life?


The word “No” also has an emotional component to it. At some level deep within us we believe that when we use that word we will be missing out on an opportunity, or offending someone. Because of this we, often fear using the word, “No”.


Although to live to the fullness of who we are, we must begin to use the word more often. Not in a way that limits our possibilities, but in a way that clears away the distractions that occur along the road to recognizing our true potential.


I remember an occasion when I should have said “No” but instead said yes. The intention of my response was to please someone close to me. I was hoping that by saying what they wanted to hear, they would accept me. Yet in doing so I let myself down. I made their opinion of me more important than what I knew was true and right for me.


In a way, by saying ,”No” to something that does not align with our true purpose, we are saying yes to the unlimited possibilities that do match our inner truth. This can be a tough choice because we don’t want to miss out on anything in life, so we automatically say yes to everything even if it does not fit with the truth of who we are. The thing to remember is often possibilities remain unseen until we say yes to the unknown.


Many times I wished I had said, “No”. Although I learned much from these situations, they were emotionally painful for me. As I look closer to find the root cause of my behavior, I realized I didn’t love myself enough to say ,”No”. I thought by saying yes, others would love me more, thereby filling a void within me, because of a lack in my awareness of my own true self-love.


It’s interesting how a small word such as, “No” can influence our life in one direction or another. If we say, “No” we may think we are saying goodbye to a wonderful opportunity. Or, by saying, “No” we may be opening the door to an exciting possibility. It is here where our fear of making the wrong choices creeps into our decision making process.


To overcome this fear, I ask my intuition. If I have a pressing situation where I need some clarity, I’ll ask myself a yes or no question, then feel and listen for the answer. Through time I have learned to trust my intuitive feelings as important guidance, leading me in the right direction.


Trusting our intuition takes practice because we often second-guess ourselves, or have a predetermined outcome in mind. The end result will reveal to us if we have indeed made the right choice by following our intuition.


Along with a good deal of trust, we need courage to follow through with a choice that may go against conventional wisdom. The world might be shouting, “Go left!”, yet our intuition may be saying, “No, go right!” We may be walking our path alone, but by making tough decisions, we will learn what is best for us.


As we begin to use the most powerful two letter word in the English language, we will begin to feel more connected with our authentic self. Even if others disagree with us, we know our choices will be true and right, even if the answer is, “No”.


Are you courageous enough to say, “No”?


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If we were to have the courage to silence our negative self-talk and self-doubt, we might begin to feel the love found at the core of our existence, flowing through us. Often, our limiting beliefs also prevent us from experiencing this powerful source of love. We don’t believe this love exists because we have never felt it. The more we doubt the presence of this love, the greater the distance between us and this love.


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