Money Can't Buy Love


As we look around the world today, do we see abundance? One of the things that may challenge us about abundance is we often associate it with money or physical possessions. Yet how often do we connect abundance with gratitude and love?


The rock group The Beatles sang, “Money can’t buy me love.” We may think that money can buy anything, and in some cases this may be true. But material objects will wear out, and true love lasts forever, nor can it be bought. So where does that leave us while thinking about abundance?


It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that money will make us happy. Although having an abundance of money may make life a bit easier, money comes with its own set of responsibilities and challenges. How often has the story been told of the poor person winning the lottery, only to see them spend it all, thereby ending up poor once again?


For some reason we think that if we have “more” we will be happy. It makes no difference what “more” is, we believe “more” is the pathway to happiness and joy. In a way we chase “more” all day and never catch it. If this is the case we may never feel we have enough. We believe “more” is abundance. But is that so?


One of the struggles we may face with seeking abundance, is we forget to be grateful for what we have. When we begin to accept that what we have is enough, and we are grateful for the way life is unfolding, abundance seems to surround us. This may seem too simple, because we are taught to go out and work for what we want. Although does this bring us closer to true happiness? Why can’t we be grateful for what we have now?


If we were to strip away our need to acquire physical possessions, would we still feel abundant? Most of the stuff we collect, brings only a temporary feeling of joy and happiness. Once we release our idea that abundance is the measure of our physical possessions, we begin to move closer to recognizing the abundance of love found within us. This love becomes the way we go through life, because all that will really matter is how deeply we love.


When love becomes the way we walk through life, then abundance follows us everywhere we go. We don’t have to look at our bank account to measure our self-worth, because we are grateful for all we have. This is where we begin to notice our love for ourselves and others. If we are abundant in self-love, then we are living an abundant life.


The cool thing about self-love, is it is an eternal, never-ending flow of love. The more we love ourselves, the more abundant our ability to love others. As we go through life loving ourselves, the more reasons we will find to love without condition, or expectation.


Breaking it down into its simplest form, true authentic abundance is about, love and gratitude. It is these heart centered emotions that will benefit the world more than our bank balance. Gratitude and love are at the root of all true happiness, because when we are in a loving and grateful state of mind we release our resistance to experiencing an abundant life.


As we go through life, can we be grateful for the abundance of love we have within us? This way we will know that money can’t buy us love, but true genuine abundance will.


How do you view abundance? Is it about money, love, or a combination of both?


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