Of all the feelings that control us emotionally, resentment would be one of the most damaging. Resentment is a combination of anger and jealousy with a bit of hate thrown in to deepen the negativity.


The energy behind resentment has the strength to cripple us emotionally. This powerful negative emotion has the ability to limit the way we see others, as well as hindering our capacity to love ourselves. When we are expressing an emotion such as this, we have separated ourselves from the truth of who we are.


As with most emotions, there is a root cause for our resentment. Yet if we want to heal from the wounds that caused our resentment, we must be courageous enough to dive deep into the reasons why we carry this negative emotion within us.


Could it be, we are not living the life we always wanted to live, and we are resentful of those who appear to have a healthier life than we do? In thinking this way, we are angry at both them and ourselves. Jealous of what they have because we perceive a lack in our life.


Any negative emotion will separate us from our true self-love. We see reasons to be angry, jealous, and resentful, rather than recognize the reasons to love ourselves. Do we lack in some way that prevents us from our own self-love?


To release any negativity from our consciousness, we may begin with accepting that our life is our responsibility, and the outcome of our experiences are the result of our choices. Yet we must also include our thoughts and words as part of our self-responsibility. What we say will have an impact on the outcome of our life, but words begin with our thoughts.


If we are truly seeking a healing path, we can begin the process of questioning our thoughts. But we often justify our thoughts because of the beliefs we hold. Our beliefs are created by our thoughts, but our beliefs also support our thoughts. If we want to move to higher levels of consciousness, we must question the root cause of our thoughts and beliefs.


There may be many reasons for our resentment. A few would be the belief that we are not worthy of the life we have always wanted. Or we have sacrificed our dreams because we were too afraid to pursue them. Either way, if we continue the inner work, we will arrive at a place where we realize we do not love ourselves enough to detach ourselves from negativity and live to the fullness of who we are.


The thing about many negative emotions is we often create a persona that justifies our negativity. If we are resentful, we may build an identity founded on victimhood. This would increase our anger thereby strengthening our resentment. The path to healing is to work through the reasons we believe as we do, and ask if holding on to this negativity is self-loving, or not.


The intention is to shed the thoughts and beliefs that keep us from experiencing the love found at the core of our being. We cannot claim to love ourselves as we continue to express any negative emotion toward others.


To live to the fullness of who we are, we are asked to look toward the love in our heart rather than the anger of a false persona created by anger, jealousy, and resentment.


As we begin the process of shedding our negativity, we align with the love at the core of our being. This will allow us to live an authentic life, giving us the strength to remain true to ourselves no matter how others are living.


Are we resentful toward those who we think have better lives than we do?


Let me know what you think, Leave a question or comment below, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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