Showing Up


I love the phrase, “Showing up” in terms of showing up as our authentic self. Yet this can be a challenge because not everyone in our life is comfortable with our authenticity. They would rather we be the version they want us to be, the version that makes them comfortable.


One of the challenges we face throughout life is trying to be true to ourselves. When we look out at the world we see signs that constantly tell us we should be different than we are. Messages telling us we should be taller, slimmer, eat this, not that, read this, not that, even drive a certain type of car or truck, just to fit in.


If we fall into the trap of believing these messages, who are we when we try to show up? Are we authentic when we change who we are to please others? We can question our identity so much, we no longer recognize what it means to be our true self.


What if we took an honest look at our thoughts and behavior, with the intention of seeing if they are in alignment. Are we thinking one thing while speaking words that do not match our thoughts? Or are we speaking words that do not align with our behavior? Isn’t authenticity arriving at an emotional state of being where our thoughts, words, and actions, are in harmony with each other? Isn’t this the definition of our authentic self?


Think of being with those who say one thing, then act differently than their words. This can be confusing because we are unsure which is true, their words, or their actions. This calls their authenticity into question. Think of a dog that barks while wagging its tail, we’re not sure what we are going to get if we reach out.


As we begin the inner work of looking within ourselves with the intention of connecting with our authenticity, we may recognize the reasons why we are separated from this inner truth. Changing who we are to please others, moves us away from knowing who we truly are. Yet so will living by the expectations society places on us. How will we show up if we are not connected with the truth of who we are?


Do we put on a façade every time we go out the door, thinking this façade will protect us from the outside world? If this is the case, we will only meet those who are also wearing a façade. Yet, when we choose to look within ourselves, and discover the self-love at the foundation of our authentic self, we can set aside our façade and live by our newly discovered authenticity. Isn’t that who we want to show to the world?


Showing up authentically, after self-discovery, can have its challenges. One reason for this is those who once knew us still regard us as who we once were. Similar to going to a class reunion, people are comfortable with who we were, and not who we are now.


This can prevent us from seeking our authentic self, because we may not like the reaction of those who still see us as we were. Are the opinions of others a good enough reason to remain stuck in place? Don’t we want to live to the fullness of who we are, and then to show up living the truth of this fullness?


With each new day we have an opportunity to see how far we can go, and what we are capable of accomplishing. Isn’t that part of life, experiencing the thrill of living to our full potential? Remember, showing up is not showing off. It’s about being true to ourselves, then living by this truth.


We may not please everyone in our life, and we don’t have to. But when it’s time to close our eyes for the last time, don’t we want the satisfaction of knowing we loved ourselves enough to show up as our authentic self?


Doesn’t the world need us to show up as our authentic self?


Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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