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As the year comes to an end and a new year approaches, what have we learned in the past 365 days? How will we used this education in the year, or years to come? It may take some time to arrive at a worthwhile list. Yet this time of year is meant for contemplation.


As I look back over the past year, I have learned to be more understanding which gives me the freedom to detach myself from the behavior of others. I understand I cannot ask them to behave in a way that pleases me, this is unrealistic. Yet I have also learned that I will not change who I am to please others. If I act this way, I will separate myself from my own unique truth.


Some lessons are harder to learn than others. These may take years to learn. They often appear as repeating patterns. Similar situations with different people, teaching a lesson that seems familiar although we have yet to master. Each time the experience reappears, we fine tune our education, but we still need work in this area of our life.


Once we learn our lessons for this year, how will we use what we have been taught to benefit our life and the lives of others? Will we be more kind and compassionate? Did we learn enough to see through the differences we have with others with the intention of focusing on our commonalities?


Always a big lesson for me is knowing that everyone is doing the best they can. This seems to be a repeating lesson in my life. I have to accept that if a person could be doing better they would be doing better. When I align with this powerful truth, the behavior of others does not upset me.


Another lesson was, if I want to accomplish anything, I have to dig deep and uncover my own source of motivation. Sure we can watch motivational videos on YouTube all day long, at some level they will help. But when it’s time to get up and do the work that aligns with my truth, I have to motivate myself.


Lessons of love were woven throughout the year. Love for others, family, and myself. This is an important lesson to learn because at times we can be distracted from the love found deep within our being. Yet, to love others and family, we must first learn to love ourselves.


This leads me to the lesson of loving ourselves. Not always easy because we often judge ourselves as not being good enough. But nothing if farther from the truth. Learning to love ourselves is more than a lesson we learn once and move on. Loving ourselves is a lesson we need to learn every day for life.


We often forget that to love ourselves, not loving our ego persona, but our true authentic self, is the greatest gift we will ever give to ourselves and the world around us. Our self-love is the deepest form of love we will ever experience. When we learn to live by this love, we will be in an emotional state of mind that allows us to share our love without conditions or expectations.


While we contemplate the lessons we have learned over the past year, be kind to yourself, life can be challenging, not everything goes our way. This is an other lesson that may take time to settle in. As the new year dawns, can we use what we have been taught to create a life that will be more fulfilling than the past year?


How will next year differ than this year?


Let me know what you think? Leave a question or comment below, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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Rather than act in a revengeful manner, the best we can do for those who hurt us, is to send them love. I know this does not give us the same negative satisfaction as punching them in the nose. The intention of sending love is to rise above negativity.


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I would like to wish you and those you love the very best in the coming New Year.


Peace and Well-Being, Paul


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