Unconditional Love


One of the many things I have learned along my spiritual journey, is that at the core of our being is an eternal source of unconditional love. This may be challenging to accept because often, we are unaware of this love. Also, we may not see people around us exhibiting this positive energy.


The struggle begins when we take an honest look at our own behavior. Do we go through the day expressing love? Or, do we criticize everything and everyone, causing us to question the belief that at our core we are love?


To resolve this question, we must uncover the reasons why we doubt that we are love. Sure the world can be challenging, and these challenges shape our world view. But when we turn our focus toward the joy and happiness we can experience, we realize that the world can be a very loving place.


Everyone can enjoy love and happiness, yet we often block these healing emotions because our focus is on the negatives we see around us. That’s an easy way to go through life. We will never truly know this love as long as the negatives have our attention.


When we begin to contemplate the idea that love is the foundation of who we are, we have to examine our thoughts and beliefs. Why? Because the way we go through life is based on our thoughts which create our beliefs. The notion of questioning the way we live is enough to set this idea aside, thereby continuing to live as we have.


Our journey along a spiritual path asks us to look at how we interact with the world. What words do we speak, what actions do we take, and how do we treat those who can do nothing for us? We must be honest with ourselves when considering these questions.


The intention is to understand how we have separated ourselves from this powerful love. From this awareness, we can do the inner work of shedding those behavioral patterns that do not align with the deep love found within us. This will help us return to a place of unconditional love, no matter what is happening in the world.


Our inner work will not only benefits us. As we reconnect with the love at the core of our being, we will connect with others on a much deeper level of consciousness. This may be easy for those of us who are likeminded. But what about those who cause others to suffer by the hardships they place on them?


This is where we must look past their physical presence and connect with the love at the core of their being. Their behavior is based on their thoughts, beliefs, and the struggles they have faced. People who cause pain to others are unaware of the love at the core of their being. They may have never experienced this love from those in their life. Because of this, they lack awareness of their own unconditional love.


We often overlook the challenges others have faced in life when we choose to judge them. We want them to behave in a way that pleases us, when they don’t, we judge them harshly. In doing so, we fail to realize that they may be incapable of expressing any level of love.


Yet when we choose to judge others, we separate ourselves from our own flow of love. In behaving this way, our capacity to align with the love at the core of our being is diminished. In truth, our judgement harms everyone involved.


How do we return to our place of unconditional love? By accepting that everyone, including those who cause others pain, are doing the best they can. If we doubt this, where does our judgement originate? Not from a foundation of love.


Given what we have been taught, how life has treated us, and the beliefs we hold, we are doing our best. In the process of aligning with the love at the core of our being, we accept this powerful truth, and choose to connect with the love at the core of others, even if their behavior does not please us.


Is this going to be an easy journey? Maybe not. Although what are the options? Remaining as we are, focusing on the negatives we see in the world, thereby creating a world through these negative thoughts and beliefs?


Or, being courageous enough to do the inner work of connecting with the love at the center of who we are? Thereby building a world on a foundation of unconditional love. Each and every day the choice is ours. Which choice will we make?


Can we choose to focus on the love at the core of our being?


Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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