Ghosts have been on my mind recently. Not the ghosts in movies, or the ones that go bump in the night. The ghosts I’m thinking about are the ones of a painful memory that still haunt us to this day.


I use the word ghost in regards to the person who caused our painful memories because these memories still control us emotionally. Even though the negative event may have happened years ago, the memory raises an uncomfortable emotional reaction within us. In a way, the memory is a ghost haunting us even now.


It may not take much to recognize a memory that causes us to experience a negative reaction emotionally. When we recall the situation, it may trigger us to become upset, angry, or combative. This is not a healthy reaction to any situation, but when we react this way, we are being tormented by a memory that should be released from our consciousness.


When we realize a ghost is controlling us emotionally, we can begin to take the necessary steps to free ourselves from the grip the ghost has on our happiness. One way to accomplish this is to work to forgive ourselves for keeping the ghost active in our awareness. The more we think of the ghost, the more we are keeping ourselves in a negative state of being.


Forgiving ourselves seems backward because we believe we did nothing wrong, and this may be the case. Although we can forgive ourselves for giving the ghost a place in our consciousness. By forgiving ourselves we take away the negative influence the ghost has on our happiness.


Another way to expel a ghost from our awareness is to learn to accept that everyone, even the person who caused the pain, is doing the best they can. No matter how much we know, or how challenging life has been, we are always doing our best. This belief frees us from the self-defeating act of judgement.


The ghost may have said some mean and nasty things, but at the time they did not know any better and they were doing what they felt was right. It may have hurt us tremendously but they were doing the best they could.


One thing I try to remember about the ghosts in my life, is they may have been fighting an inner battle I knew nothing about. It could be, I was an easy target for them to release their rage. It may have had little to do with me, and more to do with the ghost they were fighting within themselves. I’m not saying their behavior is justified, I’m saying everyone has inner struggles we know nothing about.


The odd thing about ghosts is we often share the pain of the experience with others without much thought. In doing so we fail to recognize how we reactivate the negative energy of the experience. Imagine constantly sticking our finger in a wound we would like to heal. Don’t we realize that to heal, we must stop poking it.


I know people who will gladly reactivate the energy of a ghost who has been dead for twenty years. This is the true definition of a ghost, someone who haunts us from the grave. The thing is, we allow the ghost to upset us by reminiscing about the negative experience.


Yet why do we behave this way? Don’t we love ourselves enough to stop poking the wound so we can heal and move on to a healthier way of life? Can we find the courage within us to love ourselves enough to silence the ghost when it seeps into our consciousness?


The best way to heal from past negative experiences is to love ourselves enough to take the time to see why we continue to allow the ghost in our consciousness. Do we blame the ghost for our pain? Maybe! Although the ghost may have hurt us, we  often reactivate the negative energy many times by thinking about the ghost.


How do we know if we are healed from the pain we have experienced? We can pay attention to the thoughts and words we have toward the ghost. Are they filled with anger, or even hate. Or, do we easily change our focus and continue on with our day? There is no true healing occurring when a deep level of negativity is active in our consciousness.


Through time I have learned that to heal is to let go. I cannot change the events of my past, but I can control how they impact me in the present moment. By shifting my focus away from a painful experience to the healing energy of my self-love, I can let go of the ghost and begin to live a healthier life.


Can you recognize the ghosts in your life?


Let me know what you think, leave a question or comment below, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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Recently I was a guess on a podcast hosted by Travis Gray. Travis is working on his PhD in transpersonal psychology. We had an engaging conversation talking about how we are taught to change who we are as a way to please others, as well as loving ourselves enough to trust our intuition.

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