Self-Inflicted Wounds


Each of us will face many challenges in life. Some of these difficulties are out of our control, while others are self-inflicted. Our behavior can ease tension, or can inflame the situation. It will all depend on the choices we choose to make.


If we are courageous enough to examine our behavior, we may notice the times when we acted out of rage or anger. Then we must look at the outcome of our actions to see if our behavior benefited us or not.


Usually when we act in a negative way it is because we have separated ourselves from the love found at the core of our being. Think of negativity as a flashing light telling us we have gone astray from our loving truth.


Noticing our negativity is easy, all we have to do is listen to the words we speak. If they are positive we feel happy, in a state of joy. While negativity is filled with anger, resentment, and hate. But remember, we must be honest, because it is easy to blame our behavior on the actions of others.


I can think of a time when I spoke without much thought, causing an uncomfortable situation for those involved. No matter how much I try to avoid responsibility it was my actions that were to blame. Although it could be argued it wasn’t self-inflicted, I have to admit it was.


The biggest challenge with any situation that doesn’t work out like we had planned is being honest with ourselves. No one wants to admit they made a mistake or spoke in a way that damaged a relationship. But we must accept responsibility for our behavior, even if the wound is self-inflicted.


One way to avoid this, is to become aware of our thoughts. Each action begins with a thought. Do we choose to react without thinking it through? Or do we evaluate the situation, then respond in a manner that doesn’t cause any discomfort?


Our thoughts create our reality, if they are negative we may experience many self-inflicted wounds. If on the other hand, we pay attention to our thoughts and the outcome of our actions, we will notice if we are thinking positive thoughts or not. Honesty is critical for this awareness.


When we accept that our self-inflicted wounds are our responsibility, our healing begins. By connecting to the love at the core of our being, we realize we are doing the best we can. This way we can release our need to judge ourselves harshly for the wounds we have suffered.


Even though things may have turned out poorly, there are lessons within the experience beneficial to our well-being. Yet we must be courageous enough to recognize these lessons, then accept responsibility for our role in how things unfolded.


As our healing continues we can look deeper into the reasons for our self-inflicted wounds. Do we insist we are right all the time? Have we chosen to play the victim? Are we behaving in a way that pleases others, yet causes us deep emotional pain?


Similar to physical wounds, our self-inflicted emotional wounds will heal, when we learn to forgive ourselves for behaving as we have. The crazy thing about life is the lessons come after the test. In other words, we learn from our mistakes and painful experiences.


Through the course of life we will come upon many challenges. When we are united with the love at the center of our being, we will gain the wisdom needed to avoid the wounds we often inflict on ourselves during difficult times.


Can we admit our self-inflicted wounds, allowing healing to begin?


Let me know what you think, Leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to exploring the subject in more depth.


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