Why is it that those who criticize us about our success and prosperity are those who are doing little for themselves? Do they fail to realize that our success takes nothing away from them? Success requires work, nothing happens on its own. Yet we feel we must justify our actions to others.


I often think people forget that they can accomplish anything they desire if they can overcome their fears. I’m not saying fear is not real, I’m saying fear can teach us many important lessons along the way to success.


When we realize fear is a teacher, then we may not be afraid of experiencing fear. One of the challenges we face along the road to living to our true potential is beginning the journey in the first place. It can be too easy to see the challenges ahead, and remain in our comfort zone.


If we are honest with ourselves, we can take a closer look at our fears, then use what we have learned to move forward. Many times the first fear we experience is the fear of the unknown. What changes will our journey into the unknown hand us? What if something unexpected happens and we fail?


Failure, like fear, is a great teacher. If we fail, there will be important lessons buried within the experience. Yet we must be courageous enough to sift through the rubble of our failure to find these lessons. Then, if our dream is true and meaningful, we must learn from these lessons to improve ourselves for the future.


While all this is happening we will be doubting ourselves, believing our negative self-talk, and our critics are applauding because we failed. With all this happening it’s no surprise many people give up on their dreams.


Do people criticize us because our success makes them uncomfortable? Is it because they don’t want to be left behind if we begin to live a life beyond our wildest dreams? Why can’t they be happy for our success? Why don’t they encourage us when our journey becomes challenging?


The road to living to the fullness of who we are, is a lonely road. No one can see our dreams as clearly as we will. This may cause us to separate ourselves from those who doubt or question our vision. It may not be easy, because at one time we may have loved our critics.


When we become successful because we are living an authentic life, we will have the confidence to encourage those who once disapproved of our journey. We will have no need to criticize others, because we understand that everyone has a different dream, a different calling.


It must be remembered that those who criticize us are afraid of the unknown, failure, and success. As we encourage them, we may feel their resistance pushing us away. There may be nothing we can do to overcome their behavior. Yet we must remain true to ourselves and hope that our actions ignite their desire to live to the fullness of who they are.


Can we find the courage to silence our fears and move in a direction that aligns with our authentic self?


Let me know what you think, leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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Moving through the door into the unknown can be scary. There is much we don’t know, nor can we predict how it will work out. Besides our comfort zone is familiar, we know the players, what is expected of us, and how to navigate life with few challenges. Is it because we are afraid, we choose to remain on the comfort side of this door?


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