Challenging Ourselves


When was the last time we challenged ourselves to examine our thoughts, words, and actions, to see if they are in harmony with our higher self? Do our beliefs align with the eternal love found deep within us? Do our words have a foundation of kindness, or do we just speak without much thought?


Challenging ourselves is not easy. We often think we are right and our behavior harms no one. Yet is this true? If we were courageous enough we might realize we are not always doing the right thing. But what is the right thing?


I have come to the understanding that the right thing is rooted in love, kindness, and compassion. If my behavior lacks these elements then it’s not right, and may never be justifiable.


This is where challenging ourselves hits home. We must be willing to accept that we may not be as loving or as kind as we think. But to recognize this we have to be honest with ourselves.


Often we fool ourselves into thinking our behavior is warranted. Have we bought into the “Tough Love” philosophy? Do we think this is the best approach to help others? Believing we are justified in our lack of compassion and authentic love? But who benefits when we treat others with this approach?


In a way, challenging ourselves requires us to take a step back and examine our behavior. How do we treat others? What words are we speaking? Are we in alignment with the love at the core of our being, and are our actions based on this love? Or do we live life pushing an agenda that boost our ego, and satisfies our need to be right or feel superior?


When we begin the honest work of looking at our behavior, we may not like what we see. If we do like what we see, great, but if not, then this self-examination might be the best thing for us.


Few of us want to go through life being the one who always tells people what is wrong with their life. Yet at times this is who we portray to the outside world. One reason for this, is we may get a boost of adrenaline when we feel superior to others who may be struggling, thereby building a false sense of self-worth. In this emotional state we lack awareness to see how our actions impact the lives of others.


This is why challenging ourselves is so important, because to live to the fullness of who we are, we have to align with the love at the core of our being. Yet the path to reaching this place of love is through self-examination and challenging ourselves to be more thoughtful with our words and actions.


Challenging ourselves is hard work, I get it! Remaining as we are is so easy. But by choosing to stay in our comfort zone, we deny ourselves the joy of living a life filled with truth, honesty, and self-love.


Are you courageous enough to begin the work of true self-examination?


Let me know what you think, leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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The root to all healing is responsibility. If we blame, judge, or criticize, others without much thought, we are avoiding responsibility for our healing. It becomes easier to blame others than accept guilt for our negative behavior.


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Recently I was a guest on a podcast hosted by Travis Gray. Travis is working on his PhD in transpersonal psychology. We had an engaging conversation talking about how we are taught to change who we are as a way to please others, as well as loving ourselves enough to trust our intuition.

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Do we realize our thoughts create our world?

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