The Door


There is much talk about the door of opportunity. Yet we often choose to remain on the side of comfort rather than walk through it into the unknown. Is it because we are unsure of ourselves we choose to stay where we are?


Moving through the door into the unknown can be scary. There is much we don’t know, nor can we predict how it will work out. Besides our comfort zone is familiar, we know the players, what is expected of us, and how to navigate life with few challenges. Is it because we are afraid, we choose to remain on the comfort side of this door?


I often think of those who have created great masterpieces of art, literature, or music. Or those who advanced science for the benefit of humanity. These people must have had fears just like the rest of us. Yet they chose to walk through the door of opportunity, while ignoring their fears. Even though they were working in unknown territory, they silenced their fears while focusing on the possibilities. In a way they were more courageous than they were fearful.


We may not think we are on the same level as the great thinkers of the world. Yet why do we place these limitations on ourselves? In our lifetime we have seen advances in technology unlike anything in history. Those who accomplished this had an idea, but they also had the vision to recognize the door of opportunity, then the courage to walk through it.


How many great ideas have we had that went unanswered or unexplored? Is it because we think we are not capable of accomplishing great things? Or is it because we told those around us our plan and they laughed at us? The doubt of others can stop us in our tracks.


Yes, we all seek the opinions of others to see if our ideas have merit. But they may not understand our dreams as we do, causing them to question our ability to succeed. When we ask others for guidance, we have to be ready for whatever they say. We also need the inner strength to keep moving forward if they do not approve of our ideas.


This can be a tough place to be. We see an opportunity for making positive change in our life but others do not. This is where many dreams come crashing to the ground. It’s not that we doubt ourselves. It’s that we have allowed the doubts and fears of those in our life to dictate our future.


Within each of us is the ability to achieve greatness, yet we often let our self-doubt, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs control our actions. When we learn to silence these dream killers and give voice to our true desires and goals, walking through the door of opportunity will give us the confidence to live to the fullness of who we are meant to be.


Are we courageous enough to ignore our limiting beliefs and walk through the door of opportunity?


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Recently I was a guess on a podcast hosted by Travis Gray. Travis is working on his PhD in transpersonal psychology. We had an engaging conversation talking about how we are taught to change who we are as a way to please others, as well as loving ourselves enough to trust our intuition.

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Paul Hudon with Inner Guidance and A Complete Life

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In the March issue of Conscious Shift Magazine you will find my article, “Wish List”

Do we realize our thoughts create our world?

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Peace and Well-Being, Paul

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