If I were to believe everything I was told as a child, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It’s crazy how people can project their limiting beliefs on others. As if their beliefs are truth and should be followed.


One reason people behave this way is because they believe they must tell it as it is, or as they see it. In doing so, they hinder a person’s ability to live to the fullness of who they are.


Each of us view the world differently, it is these differences that make us unique. Also, each of us will overcome challenges unique to us. This means that a person who projects their limiting beliefs on another, is doing so based on their life experiences, and not on the potential of the other person. What kind of guidance is this?


What would happen if we encouraged each other to live to the fullness of who we are? In other words, we encouraged others to shoot for the stars, Explore life to the fullest, or become the best at any given skill, craft, talent, you name it, we encourage them to succeed.


Yet to behave this way, we have to look beyond our fears and limiting beliefs. It takes no more energy to encourage someone than it does to discourage the same person. Just because we can’t see their dreams, doesn’t mean they are not possible.


Think of how many people told Orville and Wilbur Wright they were nuts, or  Pablo Picasso his work was terrible. Think of all the masterpieces lost because someone discouraged the creator, the inventor, the author.


When you think about it, this kind of thing is a tragedy. The loss of human potential because someone felt the need to tell it like they saw it, instead of encouraging someone, is mind blowing.


By encouraging others to pursue their greatness takes nothing away from us. Although we may discourage others because we are not following our dreams, and don’t want to be left behind.


Think of the physically challenged athletes who hold world records in their respective sport. I remember seeing an artist doing amazing drawings with the pencil between her toes. Just a small example of people who chose to ignore the doubters.


Many times we have to encourage ourselves because those around us may not see our dreams as clearly as we do. Then there will come a time when people cannot understand our passion, so they distance themselves from our true work. It can be frustrating when those close to us choose to ignore our passion because it makes them uncomfortable.


Encouragement is easy when we are aligned with the love at the core of our being. There is a saying that goes, “You will always be criticized by those who are doing less than you”. Is it because we feel threatened by the potential success of others we choose to criticize them rather than encourage them to achieve greatness.


It makes no difference if the goal is to write one article for the local newspaper, or become the concert master of a major orchestra. If others have a goal that has meaning for them, then the loving thing to do is to encourage them to fulfill their dreams.


We never know how powerful the impact of our encouragement may be to those who need to hear it. Our words could spur them on to accomplish their dreams. Yet if we choose to remain silent, we may have done more harm than good.


Do we have the confidence to encourage others, even if we can’t visualize their dreams as they can?


Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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It takes courage to break away from the comfort of the limiting beliefs we have been taught by those who claim to love us. One reason is because somewhere within us is a voice reinforcing these beliefs. We may even hear these negative words from those in our life. Because of this we may never choose to unlock the door that allows us to live a life beyond our wildest dreams.


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