How often do we focus on our strengths. Not how much we can bench press, but our strength to overcome the obstacles or challenges we face each and every day. At times life can be difficult, yet we get to choose our reactions to these challenges. Wouldn’t our ability to choose our course of action be a strength?


When we look in the mirror, do we recognize our strengths or weaknesses? It might not seem important, but what we focus on we create in our reality. By choosing to focus on our strengths we grow stronger every day. Yet for some reason we may decide to focus on our flaws and shortcomings. What’s the point of that behavior?


It is said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Not very comforting when we are struggling emotionally. Although at the core of this saying is the truth. A truth that states, we learn and grow from the challenges that happen to us.


At first, this doesn’t make life any easier, but it does shine light on the darkness that may overcome us. The light at the end of the tunnel is the strength needed to keep moving forward. Yet we have a choice, walk through the tunnel, or remain where we are, never knowing the person we could be.


The interesting thing about choosing to focus on our ability to build our emotional strength is this choice has a foundation of self-love. When we begin to love ourselves, our inner strength grows as well. By being strong, we are loving ourselves. We may stumble, returning to unhealthy patterns of behavior, but our self-love is always calling us back to our place of strength.


People think that because I write what I do, I don’t trip and fall on my face. But I am still human no matter what I write. To get back on track I repeat to myself, “I am stronger today than I was yesterday.” This mantra reminds me I am indeed human, plus it also gives me the courage to get up and put one foot in front of the other. Knowing that the life I want to live is on the other side of the obstacle that is challenging me.


To love ourselves is to know that not every day will be easy, yet it is also to know that not every day will be difficult. Our emotional strength, founded on self-love, gives us the ability to remain true to ourselves no matter what life throws at us. Once we begin to use this strength, we will grow stronger each time we overcome a challenge.


One of the hardest lessons I have learned, although at times the easiest, is there are beneficial lessons in each challenge we face. Yet we must be strong enough to accept this powerful truth, otherwise we end up blaming life for our misfortunes.


Do we choose to be strong, or do we choose to give up? To live to the fullness of who we are, we must choose to be strong. This does not mean we ignore how we are feeling, To recognize our feelings or weaknesses is a sign of strength. Otherwise we bury them because it is too painful to face them.


Just like weightlifting to build muscle, we must train ourselves to be strong. It takes practice because we may be walking into uncharted territory. Being strong can also be scary, unsure how things will turn out, we may choose to return to old, comfortable patterns of behavior.


Will we always be strong? Maybe, maybe not. Although we will never know if we choose to remain where we are emotionally. If our intention is to live to the fullness of who we are, we must choose strength rooted in love, rather than a comfortable life based on fear.


Is it possible to choose strength?


Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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