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When I think of my grandmother, I remember her sitting at her sewing machine, mending the clothes of her grandchildren, or creating something beautiful for someone in the neighborhood. She had a dry sense of humor, so when I had a thread hanging from a button or the hem of my pants I wanted to pull, she would say, “Don’t pull that, I used to sew parachutes during the war!”


She would then reach for her scissors, and trim the dangling thread. You can just imagine the image I—as a child—would create in my mind; floating through the air suspended high above the ground by a parachute with a thread that should be cut, but instead gets pulled. Thereby slowly unraveling the only means of safety.


This makes me think of all the times I should have cut the thread rather than pulled on it. I’m not talking about a button, or a parachute. I’m thinking of all the times I should have just let go of an uncomfortable situation instead of making it worst by pulling myself deeper into the negativity.


If we use the image of an unraveling parachute when we choose to go deeper into an argument, or trying to force our point on others, we may realize that no good will come from this type of approach.


As I think of the thread, it is easier to cut it, than it would be to pull it. By cutting ourselves from an uncomfortable situation, we have an opportunity to seek the guidance of our intuition thereby allowing us the chance to approach the experience with new insights, and a calm state of mind.


I have noticed that there rarely is a positive resolution when both sides of an argument are angry with each other. By cutting the thread, we separate ourselves emotionally, giving us an opportunity to think things through with a clear mind that is not ruled by the negative energy of anger.


The interesting thing about negativity, is it can be addicting. We love to pull the thread just to see how uncomfortable we can make others feel. In a way, we get an emotional rush because we have upset someone. This energetic rush, although not positive, makes us feel as if we are in control of the situation.


Yet we fail to realize that severing our connection with people or situations that are not healthy for us, is a sign of inner-strength and self-love. We are strong emotionally to say enough, and love ourselves on a deep level where we do not have to justify our behavior.


I can think of a few times when I wish I had just cut my connection instead of pulling the thread. The relationship was ending anyway, yet cutting the thread would have been better than pulling myself into negativity. As it turned out the relationship ended in a barrage of yelling and arguing.


Pulling the thread on a parachute may seem like a silly analogy when it comes to walking away from situations that don’t serve our best interest, but you get the picture. The next time things become challenging, or are not going well, try cutting the thread, it just might work out better than if you pull it.


Can you cut the thread when things aren’t going well?


Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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  1. This resonates with me especially with the ending of my marriage. I think I started tugging on the thread hoping it might be a wake up call for things to change and then quickly realized this was not the case and cut it. The decision was a difficult and truly painful one and there was a feeling of failure on my part but you are right, I was free then to process my decision, work through it without distraction and move on. Thank you for this article. <3


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