How honest are we? I’m not asking if we steal or cheat, I’m asking in regards to our honesty with ourselves. When things fall apart, it’s easy to blame others or circumstances that are out of our control, but do we take an honest look at our behavior? How often do we accept responsibility for our role in these situations?


Honesty can be a bit tricky because it often involves self-examination. Even on a good day, self-examination may cause us to look the other way. Yet does this behavior improve the quality of our life? If our intention is to live to the fullness of who we are, we must be honest with ourselves, no matter how uncomfortable this makes us feel.


If we believe that there are lessons in every challenge we face in life, then we must be willing to learn from these experiences. Although to learn what we need at the time, we must be honest with ourselves.


I remember being called out on my behavior. Although I didn’t think I was judging someone, I was indeed judging them, even though I hadn’t said a word. After being questioned about my actions I realized that if I wanted to be a better person, I had to honestly accept my behavior. Only then could I begin the process of uncovering why I acted as I had. From this experience, I learned much about myself, and the root reasons for my judgement. If I had not been honest, I would have remained in unhealthy patterns of behavior.


We often think that honesty and accepting responsibility is a burden that will weigh us down, limiting the way we go through life. In my case, being honest set me free from any burden. I was free because I learned something about myself I would not have learned had I been dishonest with myself.


It may seem crazy we have difficulty being honest with ourselves. Is it because we don’t think we make mistakes? Or is it we are too afraid to look at our own behavior? It does take courage to be honest with ourselves. We have to admit we may be wrong, at times our words may be hurtful, or we act without much thought. Yet in every situation in our life we can learn something that will better our lives if we choose to do so.


If we look closer at self-honesty, we will notice it has a foundation of self-love. If we choose to ignore our self-responsibility, we are not loving ourselves. In other words, to be honest with ourselves is to love ourselves.


If we love ourselves, we are honest with ourselves because we want to learn and grow every chance we can. When we deny being honest we separate ourselves from the truth at the core of our being. We cannot love ourselves while being dishonest in life or with ourselves.


When we choose to look away, rather than be honest with ourselves, we lose our bearings on our journey to discover the truth of who we are. Being honest with ourselves may not be easy in the beginning, but the more we look within ourselves for the truth, the easier being honest will be in the future.


Is it possible to be honest when examining our behavior, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel?


Let me know what you think, leave a comment or question below, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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A bit of news. My wife and I will be moving from beautiful Colorado to the high grasslands of Southern Arizona. Colorado has been amazing to us, meeting many great people, discovering a part of ourselves we didn’t know existed, along with strengthening our relationship. I am forever grateful for those who helped us call this beautiful mountain valley home.


I will continue to write my weekly, my blog, my column for Conscious Shift Magazine as well as continue working on my next book. I’ll keep you posted, but for now, I’m somewhere between Colorado and Arizona.


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