The world can be a very hectic place, texts to answer, emails needing our attention, children to watch, to name a few. Then there is the noise of the outside world, even the noise in our own mind. With all this and more, it can be difficult to find a moment of stillness.


We often think we need to meditate for an hour before we can reach a sense of inner peace. This may seem appealing, although not very practical in the busy times we live. What if we learned to find stillness in the brief pauses of our day?


Recently, while waiting for an appointment, I closed my eyes and worked to silence the mental chatter playing in my head. I was trying to find as much stillness as I could before I saw the dentist.


These few moments may not seem like much, but they can be a great benefit when we link them together with other moments of stillness. Once in the examination room, I again closed my eyes, clearing away the noise until I reached a place of stillness. This gave me time to center myself emotionally before the dentist tried to put both of her hands in my mouth.


Finding time for ourselves can often seem like a luxury. Yet if we begin to notice the little breaks in our day, we may discover time to quiet our mind with the intention of having a few moments of inner peace.


I use this technique any time I’m in line at the market, sitting in a waiting room, even while on hold on the phone. The intention is to take advantage of these few minutes for a brief meditation.


Some would argue that standing in line at the grocery store with our eyes closed is not a meditation. But who cares what others think. As long as we are working on finding a bit of peace in our day, we will benefit from this practice.


Think of it as loving ourselves so much, we choose to silence the mental chatter whenever possible. One thing to remember is to be aware of our surroundings. If we feel the slightest bit of discomfort, it may not be the best time to close our eyes.


When at an airport, I’ll wrap my legs around my luggage as a way to keep my gear safe. I’m aware of what’s going on around me, but I’m not trying to fall asleep, although it can’t be ruled out if we are tired. The intention is to silence the noise in our head while trying to reach a place of emotional center.


When we learn to master our moments of stillness, we can use this technique when life becomes challenging and needs our full attention. Rather than quickly becoming overwhelmed, we can close our eyes and silence the noise with the intention of centering ourselves before we take action. By doing so we will have the emotional strength to make the right choices.


Can you find a few moments of stillness in your day?


Let me know what you think, leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


A bit of news. My wife and I will be moving from beautiful Colorado to the high grasslands of Southern Arizona. Colorado has been amazing to us, meeting many great people, discovering a part of ourselves we didn’t know existed, along with strengthening our relationship. I am forever grateful for those who helped us call this beautiful mountain valley home.


I will continue to write my weekly, my blog, my column for Conscious Shift Magazine as well as continue working on my next book. I’ll keep you posted, but for now, I’m writing this in Colorado.


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