There’s a saying that goes, “You will always be criticized by those who are doing less than you.” I love this quote because I think there is much truth in it. It does seem those who give us a hard time about what we are doing are not doing much for themselves.


The question becomes one of asking why do others behave this way? Is it because our potential frightens them? Or is it because we are going places they are too afraid to travel? We all know how dangerous our comfort zone can be. First it’s comfortable, then there is little growth sitting in one spot.


It takes courage and willpower to overcome our challenges, with the intention of living to the fullness of who we are. Success is earned, never given. Those who walk through their own challenges usually support those who are working through their difficulties. In other words, successful people encourage those who are working toward being successful.


When we judge others or hate their success, we do so as a way to boost our self-esteem. Is it because we are afraid to step into the unknown to realize our true self?  There is a reason haters behave as they do. Could it be they fear being left behind by our drive to live a healthier life?


At times life can be difficult, yet we must realize that everyone is doing their best. We have no idea what struggles others are going through. There is no need to judge anyone for their successes or failures.


When I was a carpenter, I remember being heckled by another carpenter for all I would accomplish in my home woodshop. The heckler was silenced when I compared my time with the times he watch sports or was in the bar after work. I reminded him that we all have the same twenty-four hours, what we do with our time is indeed a choice.


As we notice our haters, we must be careful not to become a hater ourselves. If we hate our haters, than we join the ranks of haters, nothing positive comes from this behavior. There is no point in lowering our energy to match that of our haters, the best we can do is maintain our sense of self-love and carry on.


There is a root cause for a haters behavior. We may never know the reasons for their actions, but it is possible their behavior has nothing to do with us. It may stem from an inner battle they may be facing. This is where it is important to accept that they are doing their best. From this acceptance, we can move on without becoming engaged in their negative actions.


To be accomplished at anything takes work, that may be one of the roadblocks preventing haters from becoming successful. Those who criticize us may not know which path to choose. Or what are the best choices when faced with a decision. They may not have much faith in their ability to determine if their intuition is true or not.


The best way to disarm a hater is to become a mentor for their journey. No one does it alone, every successful person will tell us that. If we choose to look past the rhetoric, we can help those who hate us become successful. It may not always be easy, but our success allows us the privilege of helping others without an expected reward. We help others because we want to see them enjoy their own success.


I cannot pretend to know what struggles haters face each and every day. But I know that when I am aligned with the truth of who I am, I’m more likely to extend a hand of support than I am to hate my haters.


Is it possible to encourage our haters to become successful? Let me know what you think, leave a question or comment below. I’d enjoy hearing from you.


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When we become defensive we block guidance, we limit the way we learn, and we limit what we learn. It is hard to change habits of thought. They are comfortable, we know them and so far they have worked for us. Have they?


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A bit of news. My wife and I are in the process of moving from beautiful Colorado to the high grasslands of Southern Arizona. Colorado has been amazing to us, meeting many great people, discovering a part of ourselves we didn’t know existed, along with strengthening our relationship. I am forever grateful for those who helped us call Colorado home.


I will continue to write my weekly, my blog, my column for Conscious Shift Magazine as well as continuing to working on my next book. I’ll keep you posted, but for now, I’m somewhere between Colorado and Arizona.


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