Challenging Our Thoughts


Are we courageous enough to question everything we have ever been taught? Why would we want to challenge ourselves in that way? What if we accepted that what we know, may be limiting the way we experience life? If we understand that we create our reality through the thoughts we think, and we are not living the life we want, we must question our thoughts.


Many people believe life happens to them. Those who believe this way spend most of their time reacting to life. Then there are those who believe they create their world through their thoughts and beliefs. The latter group are living to the fullness of who they are, while the former group are still waiting for their ship to come in.


Those who believe life happens to them choose to blame everyone and everything for their failings. They do not realize that by taking responsibility for the way life is unfolding, they will be gaining control over their life.


This is why it is important to question what we have been taught. Our thoughts may be hindering our ability to live a fulfilling life. Yet we will never know as long as we continue to recycle the same old, worn thoughts and beliefs.


One reason we choose not to question ourselves is because we are comfortable with the way things are. We may be unhappy, feeling like a failure, but we are too afraid to challenge ourselves and question our beliefs to uncover why.


Our comfort zone is not our friend, it’s not a place to live out the remainder of life. It’s a place where dreams and ambitions die. Why? Because we have come to accept the words, “I can’t” as truth.


Much of what we have been taught has been taught to us by those who are in their comfort zone. Basically they are teaching us their limiting beliefs. Every successful person has been told at least once, their idea will never work. Yet they believed in themselves, giving them the courage to ignore this well intended advice.


Oftentimes people will try to show their support by telling us how difficult our journey will be. Even though they may have never walked a path similar to ours, they assure us we will fall on our face. If we believe them, we are falling in line with those who believe life happens to them. Successful people will keep their plans to themselves so other people don’t tell them how crazy their dreams appear.


Of course life will be challenging and at times pursuing our dreams will cause difficulties. Yet if we believe we create our reality through our thoughts and beliefs, we will overcome these challenges because we have trust in the way the world works.


As we clear away the thoughts and beliefs limiting the way we experience life, we gain control over our ability to stay focused on our dreams. Limiting beliefs are a distraction to our success. Our negative self-talk and self-doubt, would rather we stay in our comfort zone. Yet these voices do not have our best interest as their main focus.


To question our thoughts takes courage because we may disappoint those who claim to love us. Often they want us to stay small because our dreams make them uncomfortable. Our determination may cause them to reflect on the unfulfilled dreams they may have had in their lives.


If our intention is to live to the fullness of who we are, we must determine what thoughts, beliefs, and people are limiting our forward progress. As difficult as it may appear, at some point, we must separate ourselves from these restrictions.


Is it possible to question everything we have been taught to see what thoughts and beliefs limit our ability to accomplish great things in life?


Let me know what you think, leave a question or comment below, I’m always open to exploring the subject in more depth.


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A spiritual journey also means we have the courage to walk away when we feel people are being unkind. When we are in alignment with the love of all creation, we no longer have a need to associate with people who use others as a doormat. Once we separate ourselves from negative people, we are free to choose healthier relationships.


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