At the center of the expansion of consciousness is the ability to be free to explore the meaning of one’s life. This is a big responsibility because we are often paralyzed by fear. Rather than feel we are free, we are wrapped in the bondage of the unknown. Too afraid to explore the reasons for our fear, we choose to remain in a place of comfort, where little growth occurs.


From the security of our fear, we do what we can to prevent those around us from expanding their consciousness as well. We attempt to keep them close to us for fear of being alone, or watching them live a life that surpasses a life we, at one time, wanted for ourselves.


Yet, if we truly love ourselves and those in our life, we can silence our fear and allow them and ourselves the freedom to live beyond our limiting beliefs. It is here that love becomes the foundation of the life we desire.


This may seem too complicated. But it is rather simple, when we love others unconditionally, we give others the freedom to discover their authentic self, even if it means leaving us behind as they head out on their own journey of self-discovery. If on the other hand, we are not strong enough to love unconditionally, we attempt to control them as a way to maintain our comfort, where there will be little freedom.


As we look around the world today, it appears there is little unconditional love and plenty of people who want to control the outcome of others’ journey. If we behave this way, we fail to realize there will be little freedom for anyone. By forcing our beliefs on others, we limit the growth of consciousness, and the freedoms we so deeply want.


Imagine preventing someone from beginning a life changing journey because it makes us scared. Our feelings have nothing to do with their journey, but we project our fear on them, hoping they will see the world as we do and change their plans. This may cause them to become angry with us, and leave our life forever. Because of the uncertainty we think exists on their journey, we try to deny them the freedom to see how far they can go.


How do we change our limiting beliefs, and give those we love the freedom to discover the truth of who they are? The answer will be found deep within us, by discovering our own source of self-love.


 When we truly love ourselves, we will not ask those we claim to love to behave in a way that pleases us. They are free from our projections of fear and our limiting beliefs. We thereby allow them to explore the world on their terms, even if their choices do not align with our beliefs.


The intention is to arrive at a place of self-love so powerful, we allow those with whom we disagree to live life as they see fit. We may not understand their way of life, the dreams they have, or the way they view the world, but our unconditional love gives them the freedom to discover their own inner truth.


To truly love, is to set others free from living a life intended to please us. Yet freedom works both ways, we cannot claim to practice freedom while denying others the freedom to explore the world and expand their level of consciousness.


Are we courageous enough to seek our own freedom, thereby encouraging others to do the same. Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to exploring the topic in more depth.


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We self-sabotage when we react out of haste. Our behavior may not be in line with our truth, yet we fail to recognize a different course of action. After reevaluating we may not be pleased with our actions, but by then it is too late to do anything about it.


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