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What if we were to examine our behavior toward those around us, would we like what we see? Imagine a mirror reflecting our behavior back to us. Everywhere we go, we would see ourselves in this mirror. Every word and action, would be a reflection of who we are at that time. How would this make us feel? Would we be pleased with who we saw in the mirror?


Now imagine being on the receiving end of our interactions with others. How would our behavior make us feel? Often people fail to realize how their actions impact the lives of those around them. Though we may believe their behavior is fine, what does the mirror reveal to us?


Our underlying emotions are rooted deep within us, they make up much of who you are. These emotions may not surface often, yet it is these emotions others feel and experience. This is the part of us we would see in the mirror.


Underlying emotions direct our lives, frequently without our awareness. Oftentimes these emotions may have a foundation in fear, anger, or feeling unworthy. Yet, they can also be of self-love, compassion and kindness.


One way to uncover what our underlying emotions might be is to look in the mirror during any encounter. Do we treat people with kindness? Or do we disrespect them? What about those who cannot advance our career, how do you respond to them? We could take a step further, and ask how do we treat ourselves?


What words do you say to ourselves about ourselves when no one is near? How do we treat ourselves when we make a mistake, or fail a task? As we look in this mirror we may begin to notice patterns of behavior that are rooted deep in our past. These patterns have had years of reinforcement. It will only be through questioning our behavior while looking in the mirror, will  we begin to realize our underlying emotions.


Any belief we hold not based on love is a belief that must be questioned for our emotional health. If possible these beliefs should be released from your consciousness, by asking ourselves if there is any truth to these controlling beliefs.


What is the reason we are constantly afraid or angry? Is the feeling of being unworthy an honest evaluation of who we are? Questions such as these may be difficult to answer, but to live to the fullness of who we are, we must do the work to uncover the answers.


The intention is to live a life founded on positive, self-loving underlying emotions. As we release the beliefs that no longer serve our best interest, we can replace them with beliefs of acceptance, love, and worthiness.


When we learn to clear away the beliefs that hinder our motional growth, the person we see in the mirror will be living a life filled with compassion, love, and kindness. That is not to say life will be easy. This means that when life does challenge us, we will have the tools needed to return to a positive, loving state of being


In the future if a difficult situation arises we can look in the mirror to see if we are indeed living a heart centered life. We can then ask, what emotions are being reflected back to us? Do we like what we see? If  we accept that we doing our best at being kind and compassionate, the mirror will reflect our positive behavior. Isn’t that what we want to see in the mirror?


Can we honest with ourselves with our reflection in the mirror? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment, below. I always enjoy exploring the subject further.


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