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The other day I was going through some emotional stuff. It seemed it was pent up within me, then just came flowing out. Rather than disregard what I was feeling and continue on with my day, I chose to sit with it for a while. As I sat with my emotions, I kept searching for the root cause of my feelings.


It can be difficult to take the time to sit with our emotions. We often think we should ignore what we are feeling and work to keep moving forward. But is this always the best option? It may be too uncomfortable to sit with our pain, yet this might be exactly what we need.


Sitting with ourselves when we are struggling emotionally, gives us an opportunity to uncover why we are feeling as we are. Then we can determine if the cause of our discomfort has value, or if we are only having a bad day.


By sitting with my discomfort, I was able to break it down into small parts. Although they may not appear to be much as individual emotions, when combined together, they can cause much pain. Once my discomfort was in small pieces, I was able to examine each one then work to resolve the issue they held.


The most common negative emotion I often experience is that I am not doing enough. With this mindset, I try to carry as much as I can. When I trip and stumble, I criticize myself for being weak. As I write about it now, it makes no sense, but in the middle of an emotional breakdown, not carrying my weight was a big deal.


The longer I sat with my discomfort, I realized I was doing enough. I also recognized I was good enough and worthy of the life I’m living. In a way, sitting with it allowed me to separate what was true, from the negative stuff my ego was telling me. This way I was able to disregard any self-destructive thoughts.


Looking further into my discomfort, I noticed I was uncertain about the journey ahead. Although there is always uncertainty in life, on this day the uncertainty became a burden too heavy for me to bear.


There have been times in my life when I would ignore the discomfort and continue on, only to struggle the rest of the day. Sitting with it, is a way to uncover the root cause of our pain or uncertainty, then begin working our way back to a healthier frame of mind.


It is similar to driving in a blizzard, if I can see the road before me, I know I’ll be fine. Yet when the wind kicks up and visibility becomes obscured, driving becomes more challenging. Sitting with it allows the blizzard of emotions to settle enough so we can see our way to healing clearly.


As I sat with my discomfort, I realized my feelings had value. There was a reason for the way I was feeling. I didn’t discount any of my emotions, all I did was try to understand them and then work to ease any pressure I felt from them. Once I arrived at this place, I was able to breathe deeply, thereby allowing the tension in my body to release.


After sitting with it for a while, I was able to reconnect with my authentic self. Once there, I felt a wave of inner peace flowing over me. My concerns were still there, I do have much to do, and I do carry a lot on my shoulders. Yet these are choices I make knowing that as long as I remain emotionally centered, I’ll make it through the day. If I lose my footing and stumble, I can always sit with it, allowing me to learn some valuable lessons that will help me as I journey through life.


Can we sit with our discomfort to uncover the root cause of our struggles? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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