Stop Talking


Have we ever stopped to hear the words we share with others? Are these words positive, elevating the conversation? Or are we just repeating the same old, worn narrative? Reaffirming the reasons why our life is not what we had hoped.


Imagine taking the time to listen to what we say to those around us. Really paying attention to see if we are adding value to the situation. Do we act this way to boost our self-importance?


It takes awareness to realize everything we have experienced may not matter to those in our life. Can we stop talking about ourselves so we can listen to what others have to say? What are we learning when we are constantly talking? Is our verbal chatter a means to draw attention to us?


What would we learn about ourselves if we chose to speak less and listen more deeply? We may recognize a pattern. This pattern may be our need for attention, or to be in the spotlight.


As we look closer at our behavior, we will notice we behave this way as a method to increase our self-image. We falsely believe that the more we speak, the more people will admire us. Yet is this belief true?


We often assume that silence is weak, and loud is strong. But it takes strength to remain silent, anyone can talk endlessly, that’s easy. It requires stamina to arrive at a place of realizing that not everything needs our response, silence may be the better option.


Is it because we fail to recognize that we learn more when we are silently observing? If life is about discovering our authentic truth, one way to accomplish this is to observe how we walk through life. Are we constantly talking about ourselves? Do we talk so much others can’t get a word in? Is listening with the intention of learning a part of our emotional growth practice?


As we begin to feel comfortable with our silence, we start to hear the voice of our true self. It is this voice that will guide us along our journey to discover the truth of who we are.


Yet we often confuse this voice with our self-doubt and negative self-talk. One way we drown out these negative voices is through our non-stop verbal nonsense. In other words, we talk endlessly because we don’t want to hear the voices of our self-doubt and negative self-talk.


When we stop talking the intention is to hear the voice of our true self. This voice speaks only through love, kindness, and compassion. No other voice in our head is this positive. This is the voice that will lead us to an authentic life if we are quiet enough to hear its loving guidance.


I have a confession. There was a time when I always talked about myself. I was unaware of my own self-love, so I thought the more I spoke, the more people would think highly of me. It wasn’t until I began to speak less and listen more I realized I didn’t love myself.

This might sound crazy, but I was seeking validation through my constant need for attention. A need I fulfilled through drawing attention to myself. It’s amazing what we will do when we don’t love ourselves.


After much inner work I have reconnected with my self-love. This has given me the strength to stay silent while allowing others to share their stories. Allowing them to be the center of attention. I’m still curious, I continue to ask questions, yet my intention is to learn from those around me.


Sure we have tales to share, but if telling our stories becomes the main focus of our life, we may want to stop talking and listen. We may learn something we never knew before. We may even hear the voice of our true self.


Can we stop talking and listen? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to listening to what you think.


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