I read a post on social media the other day that said, “If someone corrects you, and you get angry, you have an ego problem.” Powerful statement to be sure, but it may cause us to examine our behavior when someone offers advice, or a different point of view.


This quote asks us to look at how we go through life. Are we the know-it-all? Could it be we are so convinced our way, is the only way, we choose not to engage in contemplative dialogue? Is our ego so fragile we will not challenge our beliefs to see if they have a foundation of love?


I like to think of the ego as a persona we put on every morning before we enter the outside world. Yet we put on this persona, over the truth of who we are. Is it because we are too afraid to show the world who we truly are, we wear a persona?


At the core of our being is a source of unconditional love. This love does not need an ego to protect it. Yet we are afraid to share this love with the world for fear of being hurt. That could be why we get defensive when someone corrects us, our ego has become offended.


The difficulty with this behavior, is the ego filters what information it deems important, while discarding that which would benefit us along our journey to self-realization. When we are easily offended, we are blocking necessary wisdom and guidance. Our ego likes to maintain control, yet our authentic self sees everything as an opportunity for growth.


If we believe we create our life experiences through our thoughts and beliefs, challenging them can cause us to question the life we have created. This alone would scare us into believing what the ego tells us. We have become comfortable with our life, why question or change anything.


When we become defensive we block guidance, we limit the way we learn, and we limit what we learn. It is hard to change habits of thought. They are comfortable, we know them and so far they have worked for us. Have they?


Along our journey to realize the truth of who we are, we must be willing to look at ourselves in the mirror of our consciousness. In this mirror we will see our behavior reflected back to us. Are we open to learning new ways of living a truthful life? Or, are we too comfortable with our old beliefs? Do we love ourselves enough to question our behavior? If we can do this, we can take criticism from others without getting angry.


I guess that’s it, loving ourselves so much, the words of others don’t upset us. In this powerful place of self-love there is no need to get defensive when someone offers an opposing point of view. We love ourselves enough to realize that there is no need to get upset. The lessons we need to learn will be found in how we act when someone corrects us.


Can we step back and observe our behavior when someone offers their opinion about our life. Do we get angry, if so, that’s our ego getting upset. In a way, if this is our chosen behavior, we have no self-control.


 If we accept we could be wrong and take the comment as an opportunity for positive growth, we are living a life based on self-love. We love ourselves enough not to become defensive when someone corrects us.


It will all depend with how honest we are with ourselves. Do we get defensive, blocking an opportunity to learn from the situation. Or, can we let it go, learn what we need, then move on? All we have to do is to love ourselves enough to leave our ego persona at home when we go out into the world.


Are we courageous enough to examine our behavior when someone corrects us? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always enjoy hearing what you think.


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