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The other day I was surfing social media, when I noticed many people doing nothing but complaining. These people were not looking for solutions, or avenues to higher states of consciousness. They were either venting or seeking attention, nothing else. I also noticed how the comments were adding fuel to the complaining fire. What’s the point?


Along my spiritual journey I have learned that life can be as wonderful or as miserable as we choose to make it. We can decide if we want to whine about the way life has treated us, or we can choose the high road, giving us reasons to express gratitude for the gifts life places before us.


Recently I read a book about a woman’s challenging life. Much of her story was a struggle between what she wanted and the expectations society and family placed on her. In the course of her life, she became very sick, with residual symptoms effecting her to this day.


This woman had a choice, wallow in self-pity, while blaming everyone and everything for the way her life had turned out. Or, take the high road and see her life experiences as an opportunity for emotional and spiritual growth. Once she made the commitment to follow the path of the high road, she chose to share her experience with others. She became a teacher, guide, friend, and inspiration for many, myself included.


I’m sure it wasn’t easy. The negativity from the past can be challenging to overcome. Yet the view from the high road kept her moving forward. The longer she walked this path, the healthier she became. Love and happiness found her on the high road which might not have happened had she chosen to complain about life.


Walking the high road is a solo journey. No one else can do the inner work we need to recognize the benefits of choosing this path, this is our responsibility. A challenge we often face is leaving behind those who choose the negative lifestyle. Although we love them, their behavior will not align with our rediscovered truth.


We often associate the high road with being a snob, or a feeling of superiority. Nothing could be further from the truth. The high road we are discussing is a reconnection with the truth of who we are. At the core of this truth is an eternal source of unconditional love. Humility will be found along the high road as well. We recognize how fortunate we are for the experiences we have had, and the lessons they have taught us.


As we walk this road, we will discover likeminded people who have chosen the difficult task of seeking the truth of who they are. Think of the high road as the journey to discover our authentic self. In doing so we walk away from things which no longer serve our best interests. Although we may think this journey will leave us naked and alone, we will soon uncover an everlasting source of love that will clothe us in warmth and comfort.


Choosing to shift our attention away from complaining toward walking the high road might not be easy. The path may be unclear. The choices difficult. Yet, the end result is discovering the truth of who we are and the love at the foundation of this truth. When we accept this, we will put one foot in front of the other in an effort to shift our consciousness and affect the world in a meaningful way.


Do we take the high road, or do we just complain about the things we cannot control? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I always enjoy hearing from you.


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