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There is a saying that goes something like this, “Only those who have gone too far, know how far they can go." This thought has always interested me, because I often wonder how far I can go.


One of the things I have noticed, is how the limiting beliefs of those around us influence our ability to see how far we can go. It is as if their fear of the unknown keeps us from walking into many of the uncertain possibilities life offers us. Yet when we courageously ignore the limiting beliefs of others, we may learn just how far we are capable of traveling.


When I went on my first multi-day backpacking trip. I had to carry all my own gear. At first I had no idea if I would make it through the five day trip. The pack seemed so heavy, and the trail was rocky and steep. As time progressed, I became comfortable with the weight of my pack. Placing one foot in front of the other gave me the confidence to accomplish something I had never done before.


After the trip, I realized I could go further than I had thought. I uncovered an inner strength I didn’t know existed. From the success of that first backpacking trip, I began taking longer, more challenging trips into the wilderness. With each new adventure I discovered how far I was capable of going.


The intention of the backpacking trip was to climb mountains and see beautiful scenery, but it was also a time to test myself emotionally. I had never done anything like that before, and was unaware of the challenges I might face. Each new situation would have to be solved with a new awareness. Old patterns of thought would not resolve new challenges.


When we choose to begin the journey of seeing how far we can go, we must be willing to shed our limiting beliefs. These will only hold us back when new situations arise. Unknown to us is that our limiting beliefs may be the foundation for the life we are living right now. Questioning these beliefs may shake us to our core, causing us to second-guess the reasons for our journey.


If we take a closer look at the life we are living, we may see many challenges, some physical, while others may be emotional. Each of these challenges can give us an opportunity to explore a part of ourselves we may not know exists. Thereby challenging our beliefs and strengthening our trust in ourselves.


The road before us is filled with unknowns and uncertainty, yet if we choose to see these events as learning experiences we will add wisdom to our journey. This will help us move closer to recognizing the truth of who we are, and our purpose here on Earth.


It is said that we are born twice in this lifetime. Once when we come into our physical reality at birth and the other when we discover the reason why. To reach our second birth we must first leave our comfort zone, and see how far we can go. Once there, our life begins anew.


Yet this does not mean our life is meaningless until we are born the second time. All this means is everything we have gone through and learned has helped us get to a place of knowing the truth of who we are. With this wisdom we begin to understand what we are capable of accomplishing and how far we can go.


How far into the unknown will we travel? Let me know what you think, leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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