The world is an intense place. I’m not sure we were designed to process as much information as we receive in a day. Think back to a time when the news was only on for a short time. We saw a few newsworthy items, then went on with our business.


Now the news never stops, we are bombarded with stressful headlines twenty-four hours a day. This information arrives right to our phone, television, even fuel pumps broadcast the latest tragedy. It seems we can’t get away from it.


Each time we hear or read about another disaster it’s as if someone hits a nerve in our tooth. The shock electrifies our body, sending waves of negative energy from head to toe, including every cell in between. To say we are overstimulated is an understatement.


Our nerves are so raw we can’t work through the simplest of problems with ease. We explode with rage, not because the problem is so large, but because we are having a difficult time keeping our emotions in check.


Imagine our emotions as a soda pop bottle. When we shake the bottle, we can feel the pressure build. As long as we leave the cap on, we are fine. But the moment we decide to open the bottle all that pressure is released, shooting out of the bottle without a care where the soda ends up.


The stimulation of the outside world acts just like shaking the pop bottle. The more stimulation we get from the world around us, the more the pressure builds. All we need to explode is a bit more pressure, and a reason to unleash our frustrations. Then boom! We release our pressure on anyone within earshot, maybe a loved one or a coworker


Yet if we think about it, we are all like the soda bottle, doing our best to keep the pressure inside. We work to minimize our reactions to the triggers that set us off. It might be difficult but we know that for our mental health we must try to maintain our emotional center.


What’s the solution? We can become aware of how we are feeling while watching the news, scrolling social media, or surfing the internet. Do we notice our energy, is it positive, or negative? Are we releasing pressure or are we shaking the bottle?


Each of us will find a different way to relax the emotional buildup. We may take a walk instead of getting lost in our phone, or write in a journal to ease stress. To live a loving life, we must distance ourselves from the things that increase the pressure.


There is much going on in the world we cannot control, but as long as we are staring into our phone, our phone is controlling us. To live to the fullness of who we are, it is important to focus on the here and now. That way we can center ourselves emotionally while enjoying our time with those we love.


Is it possible to ease the pressure by setting aside our distractions, giving us the opportunity to find some stillness? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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It’s crazy a powerful emotion such as fear can either hold us back, or catapult us forward. The quality of our life will be determined by the amount of strength we have when we stand up to our fear. If our journey is true and right, we will have the stamina to overcome our fear. Yet if we are unsure, or our dreams do not align with our authentic truth, fear will get the best of us.


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