I always laugh when people think that just because we are on a spiritual journey, we can be used as a doormat for them to wipe their dirty feet. They think that being spiritual means we have no spine, allowing others to treat us poorly without repercussion.


The definition I use for a spiritual journey is a journey to discover our authentic self. This means reconnecting with the love that created us and all we can see in the night sky and beyond. To boil it down, a spiritual journey is connecting with the love of all creation.


How does this relate to being a doormat? When we are living a life in union with this love, the actions of others do not bother us. We recognize that they are behaving as they are because they are not aware of this eternal source of love.


A spiritual journey also means we have the courage to walk away when we feel people are being unkind. When we are in alignment with the love of all creation, we no longer associate with people who use others as a doormat. Once we separate ourselves from negative people, we are free to choose healthier relationships.


As we continue down the spiritual path we understand that those who use others as a doormat lack self-love. To love ourselves truly, is to love others without conditions or expectations. When we fully love ourselves, we love all, without excuses.


Yet that’s the challenge, to love all. We often want others to behave in a way that pleases us. In a way, we use others as a doormat if they don’t act a certain way. But, that’s not love is it?


A powerful lesson I have learned along my spiritual journey is everyone is doing the best they can. That’s a tough one to accept because we judge others so easily. Whether they use others to wipe their feet or not, they are doing their best.


We could say this is an excuse to justify bad behavior. Yet think about it, aren’t we doing our best every day? Isn’t our ability to love unconditionally giving people the benefit of the doubt?


Most of the time, those who use others as a doormat are unaware of the ever-lasting love found within them. When we are united with this love, we can see the love in them, even if they cannot. That’s the power of a spiritual journey, to recognize the love at the core of all people, even if they are not conscious of this love.


When we see people treating others poorly we know they are disconnected from this source of love. With our new wisdom, if we see someone using others as a doormat it is a sign for us to extend love toward them.


Does this justify their behavior? No it does not, but their behavior is a reflection of who they are, and our reaction to them is a reflection of who we are. A spiritual journey gives us the strength and courage to walk the high road, without the need, or desire to judge anyone.


Of course the spiritual journey is not easy. Falling back into old negative patterns of behavior can take our focus away. Yet, when these moments arise we can use these experiences as lessons to strengthen our resolve. The longer we remain emotionally centered, the easier it will be to maintain our love for others. In living this way, we will have no need to use others as a doormat.


Are we courageous enough to love ourselves so much we can see the love in others? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to hearing your point of view.


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