How often are we our own worst enemy? This may seem crazy. But we must take an honest look in the mirror of our consciousness to recognize how many times we self-sabotage. Do we speak without thought? Is it possible we allow our anger to surface before we have a chance to evaluate the situation? Are we regretful of our behavior after the fact?


At times life comes at us quickly, leaving little time to contemplate a proper response. Yet the outcome of any situation will be determined by how we react. If we hesitate we may appear weak, although taking a few seconds to settle our emotions will give us the advantage if and when life becomes challenging.


We self-sabotage when we react out of haste. Our behavior may not be in line with our truth, yet we fail to recognize a different course of action. After reevaluating we may not be pleased with our actions, but by then it is too late to do anything about it.


Imagine how life would change if we took a few moments to think things through, or chose our words more carefully. Would events have worked out differently? Would we have upset others, or would others have angered us?


Self-sabotage begins when we are out of sync with our authentic self. At the core of our being is an eternal source of unconditional love. When we allow this love to guide us, we maintain a sense of inner calm and strength.


That’s the key isn’t it? Maintaining our inner calm and strength. It takes strength to remain calm when we are offended by others. Our ability to stay centered and connected to our self-love, will protect us from our self-sabotaging behavior.


It is not only events from the outside world that might cause us to self-sabotage. If we believe the negativity floating around in our head, it may cause us to self-destruct. Looking within will reveal to us the voices of our self-doubt and negative self-talk. These voices seem to be shouting louder and louder with each passing day. The problem arises when we believe the negativity these voices spew.


As we grow stronger in our self-love, we will have the courage to silence these voices. When this happens, we begin to hear the voice of our true self. Once again we see that self-love clears the way to living an authentic life. It all comes down to this, the more we love ourselves, the less opportunity we will have to sabotage ourselves.


Can we love ourselves so much, we no longer self-sabotage? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below, I’m always open to exploring the subject in more depth.


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The crazy thing about the flow of love found deep within us, is we have to give ourselves permission to experience it. Oftentimes we are our own roadblock to living a love filled life. We doubt ourselves, we believe our negative self-talk, and at times we speak foul words about ourselves out loud for all to hear. Giving ourselves permission to love ourselves frees us from this type of unhealthy behavior.


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