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To live to the fullness of who we are, is a solo journey. No one can do the work we need to do to connect with our true self. We may seek support from those around us, but their advice may not resonate with us because of the different ways they have experienced life. This means we may have to walk in the dark for a while. It will be the lessons we learn along the way that will illuminate the road ahead.


It can be too easy to remain in our comfort zone. We know what is asked of us, and we know how to answer these questions without much effort. The scenery is the same as it has been for a while, and the idea of moving away from our comfort zone frightens us.


The thought of doing the inner work to uncover our authentic self is a bit overwhelming because we like the façade we have built. We like who we see in the mirror, but we may not love who we see reflected back to us. Our facade is not a true representation of who we are, but it protects our true self from experiencing any further pain.


The challenge with our solo journey is it is our responsibility to tear down our false façade so the world can see our true self. Yet, that’s the problem. We are too afraid to show the world the truth of who we are. We ask ourselves, what if the world doesn’t like us? What if we get hurt again? Who are we without our façade?


Uncovering our true self, is not easy, That’s why they call it inner work. We are working on ourselves, shedding the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve our well-being. Peeling back the layers of the persona we created to please others, with the intention of reaching our true self.


As difficult as this sounds, the goal is to free ourselves from the limitations the world has placed on us. But we must also break free from the limitations we have placed on ourselves. Once we begin this process we feel the strength of our very own self-love, maybe for the first time.


This love is so pure, all it asks of us is to love ourselves without conditions or expectations. We love ourselves no matter what flaws or shortcomings we imagine we have. It is this love that guides us into the unknown. This love knows no limitations or boundaries. It is an eternal source of unconditional love, that can only be found when we journey within to rediscover the truth of who we are.


Few of the people around us talk about this love because not many have ever experienced it. It’s easy to remain in familiar surroundings. There is nothing to fear, no darkness to overcome, Unless it’s the fear of not living up to our potential. Which is enough of a reason to get out of our comfort zone and begin our solo journey.

The intention of the solo journey is to do the inner work so we can flood our being with unconditional love. From there our lives will be guided by love, not a false persona. This love gives us the strength to walk through any challenge and learn what we need to keep moving forward.


This love can only be found within us. It will not be found in the eyes of others, we tried looking there, that’s why we were miserable. This eternal flow of love releases our need to judge ourselves or those around us. We realize all of us are doing the best we can, even if we crash and burn, we have done our best. Our self-love gives us the courage to pick ourselves up from the ashes and continue moving forward.


As our solo journey progresses we come face to face with our authentic self. We may not recognize the face, but deep within we know we are looking at our true self. Each of us has the ability to walk our solo journey. All we have to do is accept that we will find a never-ending source of unconditional love along the way.


Are we courageous enough to begin the solo journey to rediscover the truth of who we are? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


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Another reason to forgive ourselves, is attaching our self-worth to the acceptance of others. Meaning, if they accept us, we have value, if not, our self-image crumbles. This is a tough one, because we all want to be liked, even loved by those around us. But when we ask others to approve of us, to make us feel better about ourselves, we are asking them to do something they cannot do.


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