Unexpected Gifts


Have you ever found money in a pocket of an old pair of pants? It’s thrilling isn’t it? We tell everyone about our good fortune. We’re excited to have the unexpected gift, we may even buy ourselves something special with our windfall. Although in time, the money will be gone, leaving us feeling a bit let down.


Finding treasure is always wonderful. Yet are we willing to take the necessary steps to find the love at the core of our being? This love is the pot of gold we often seek in the physical world. The question is, do we even know of this love?


Through the course of life, we change who we are to please others. This behavior separates us from the love found deep within us. We change so many times we may not recognize ourselves when we look in the mirror. If we want to live to the fullness of who we are, we must reconnect with our true self-love.


As we begin to unite with this unconditional love, we open the door to endless possibilities. Now the future is no longer something to fear, but something to welcome. In the acceptance of our own love we are courageous enough to live a life we once thought was out of reach. We love ourselves enough to see what possibilities exist, the possibility of discovering our authentic self.


Finding the love at the foundation of who we are, allows us to encourage others to discover their own inner source of love. It is in this state of love, we begin to change the world in positive ways. Imagine if every one of us lived in alignment with the love at the core of our being. Not a love of power or money, but a genuine sense of love for each other and the planet upon which we live. How would our lives change?


It may seem too simple to think that love could change the world. Is the thought too challenging because we believe there is too much negativity around us? Or, are we waiting for others to speak the truth of love before we speak up? If we have a desire for positive change, we must begin to live in harmony with the eternal love found deep within our being.


Our love would be an unexpected gift we share with others. There would be no need to change who we are to please others, nor would we ask others to change who they are to please us. We would be asking those around us to be true to themselves, thereby giving their best self to the world.


If we want to enact positive change across the globe, we must begin to share the wealth of our love without condition or expectation. We give our love because we realize this is how we create a world where everyone can live in peace and unity. We may think love is not that powerful, yet if this is what we believe, we underestimate the ability of love to initiate positive change.


With every new day we have an important choice, do we continue shielding ourselves from our own self-love, preventing us from living in a world of love and abundance? Or do we look within to discover the treasure we hold in our heart? Our reward will be the joy of sharing the unexpected gift of our unconditional love with the world around us.


Are we strong enough to share our unconditional love with others? Let me know you think. Leave a question or comment below, I’m always interested in hearing what you have to say.


Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of being a guest on Todd Fischer's Podcast, "Quest." Todd and I spoke about spirituality, intuition, and how I went from being a carpenter to becoming a spiritual author. Below you will find the Apple link, but you can also find our conversation on other podcast platforms, just search Todd Fischer Quest Podcast.


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The path to healing can be as painful as the event that caused our pain. We may have to spend time examining our behavior to see if we are playing a role in keeping our pain active in our consciousness. As we blame others we are adding fuel to the fire of our pain. We are taking precious energy away from our ability to heal.


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